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Man sentenced for trafficking nearly 21 pounds of meth through Kansas

. The Wichita Eagle

An Oklahoma man caught trafficking nearly 21 pounds of methamphetamine through Kansas will spent nine years in federal prison.

A federal court judge on Thursday sentenced 23-year-old Guillermo D. Andrade, of Oklahoma City, on one count of possession with intent to distribute meth, according to a news release from U.S. Attorney Stephen McAllister’s office. Prosecutors say Andrade admitted to accompanying a car carrying 9.5 kilograms of meth from California to Kansas last July. A Kansas Highway Patrol trooper who stopped the car for a traffic infraction discovered the meth during a search.

Andrade was in another car at the time but admitted to arranging the drug’s transport to Oklahoma, where he and others planned to sell it.

A 2018 Drug Enforcement Agency report lists the street price of pure meth at around $70 a gram. At that cost, 9.5 kilograms would be worth $665,000.

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