Grandpa delivers daughter’s baby girl with help from a Kansas emergency dispatcher

A Kansas emergency dispatcher helped a grandpa deliver his daughter’s baby Thursday morning.

Harvey County dispatcher Courtney B. helped deliver a baby after a 911 caller reported that a woman in northwest Butler County was about to give birth, Harvey County Communications said in a Facebook post.

The grandfather followed the dispatcher’s instructions to assist in the delivery of his granddaughter, the post said. Firefighters and paramedics arrived about seven minutes after the healthy baby girl was born, and the mother and daughter were “taken to Wesley in good condition.”

Harvey County dispatchers regularly use emergency medical dispatch protocol, the post said, but “this is the first time they have helped deliver a baby, as typically these calls come from in town, and paramedics arrive before the delivery.”

“Courtney, a stork pin is on order,” the post said.

Jason Tidd: 316-268-6593, @Jason_Tidd

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