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Scholfield Honda to build new home for dealership

Roger Scholfield is rebuilding and expanding his Scholfield Honda on the same property where it is today.
Roger Scholfield is rebuilding and expanding his Scholfield Honda on the same property where it is today. File photo

Roger Scholfield says that “Honda has dubbed this the year of Honda,” and along with a lot of new car introductions, he’s working on a new home for his dealership.

“We just started that process, and we’re excited about it,” says Scholfield, whose Scholfield Honda is on Kellogg between Woodlawn and Rock Road.

Scholfield has acquired a couple of extra acres for a total of about 10. It’s now in about 47,000 square feet in three different buildings, which Scholfield says he built as he needed them.

“We’re kind of maxed out on the three buildings that we’ve got.”

He now wants to streamline the business with one building.

“We’re looking at building something larger than that,” Scholfield says of his current square footage. “It’ll be built in phases. … It’s a long process when you do something like that.”

Scholfield is working with Schaefer Johnson Cox Frey Architecture on designs for the building as well as with Honda, which has specifications on how the dealership should look.

“We’ve just kind of entered into the process with Honda,” Scholfield says. “There’s just a lot to think about how to best use your space.”

Part of that is incorporating the right service space into the dealership.

“Service is a big part of our operation,” Scholfield says. “It’s just real important.”

In the past five months, he says, the dealership has set two all-time records for new car sales, and January set a record for new and used car sales.

“We just feel like the economy is getting back,” Scholfield says.

He says Honda is coming out with new products, such as an SUV called the HR-V, which debuts this spring. A redesigned Pilot will come out in the summer, and a redesigned Civic will be released in the fall along with a new Accord.

Once new dealership designs are approved, Scholfield says, it’ll take about a year after that to complete. That means it should be finished by late 2016 or early 2017.

He says the last new dealership he built was in 1985.

“I only want to do this once every 30 years.”

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