Carrie Rengers

Sign for 400 tiny homes is down; sign for Chico’s at NewMarket Square goes up

A sign advertising 400 new tiny homes briefly was at this spot but now is gone.
A sign advertising 400 new tiny homes briefly was at this spot but now is gone. Courtesy photo

As quickly and quietly as a sign went up advertising 400 new tiny homes on 143rd between 13th and 21st streets, it is just as quickly and quietly now gone.

The sign seemed suspect for several reasons. The property is in the county and is zoned SF-20, which means one home is all that can be built per 20 acres. Someone could apply for a building permit to build a single home, but no one has, and there have been no applications of any sort filed.

Also, there was a map with individual plats on the sign, except it didn’t show room for 400 homes. It showed more like the 90 planned for the MicroMansions down the street.

A lawyer who is the registered agent for property owner EAM Properties never returned a call to comment on the sign.

In other sign news, there’s now a sign at NewMarket Square at 21st and Maize Road saying Chico’s is coming.

In June, Have You Heard? reported that according to a bid report for work on the store, plans call for a 3,490-square-foot store that will sell women’s clothing and accessories.

There’s been a Chico’s at Bradley Fair on the east side for almost 15 years.The same company that owns Chico’s, Florida-based Chico’s FAS Inc., also owns White House Black Market and Soma Intimates at Bradley Fair.

A Chico’s representative didn’t comment on the store in June, and she wasn’t immediately available Thursday morning.

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