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Is something big in the works at Douglas and Rock Road?

Genghis Grill closed in 2018.
Genghis Grill closed in 2018. File photo

Some astute readers immediately had suspicions when they heard Genghis Grill at Douglas and Rock Road had closed.

That’s because Bank of America just to its south also is closing.

So is a bigger development in the works there?

Good question, but property owner Max Cole says there isn’t.

He says his son, Lee, is working on getting new tenants for each building. It’s not for sure that it will be another restaurant and bank, but that’s likely.

Simon (Property Group) loves to have restaurants out in front of them, I know that,” Max Cole says of the Towne East Square owner.

He says interest in the Genghis spot was swift.

“The minute that hit, why you can imagine every broker in town and some out of town have contacted us.”

Cole says he’s already close to a deal for the former Carlos O’Kelly’s space to the north of Towne East. Look for that news soon.

Bank of America will remain open in its spot until Oct. 30.

Spokeswoman Diane Wagner says the branch is consolidating into the Cherry Creek Bank of America at Harry and Rock Road.

Nothing is changing with customer accounts, she says.

Finally, Cole has one other piece of news at the former Wichita Mall.

For years as tenants have come and gone, Cole has continued to refer to the development at 4301 E. Harry as the old Wichita Mall.

Now, though, it has a new name thanks to leases from WSU Tech and Shocker Studios.

“It’s now called WSU South,” Cole says.

The only question is, will anyone actually stop calling it the old Wichita Mall?

The much-anticipated H&M store at Towne East Square opened at noon on Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017. (Carrie Rengers/The Wichita Eagle)

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