Carrie Rengers

Why Wichita Union Stockyards is several months behind schedule

It’s several months behind schedule, but the Wichita Union Stockyards event center and steakhouse are still happening on 40 acres at 6425 W. MacArthur in Sedgwick County.

“I planned on being open now,” rancher Mike Andra says.

He and his wife, Tina, had some issues related to plan reviews with the city and county.

“It had to do with restrooms,” Mike Andra says.

He says the restrooms were minimized from what they originally envisioned.

“We didn’t want that,” Andra says. “We redrew the plans like we wanted them.”

He says he thinks he’s within a week of getting all the necessary planning approvals.

“We’re just about out of that process now.”

That doesn’t mean everything will get underway right away.

“We’ve run into weather now,” Andra says.

Andra says the development, which will be built in phases, is “going to be a fantastic thing.”

He hates, though, that some people who had hoped to have events there before now were not able to.

“We’ve got some people who are disappointed,” Andra says. “That’s the only thing that disappoints me.”

He expects construction will start in early March.

The timber frame building they plan is ready to be assembled on site and shouldn’t take more than four to six months, Andra says.

“Everything is done. Ready to go up,” he says. “We’re sitting there like a kid with a new erector set sitting under the Christmas tree.”

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