Carrie Rengers

Brandon Steven’s 6S Steakhouse has an opening date – finally

At long – very long – last, there’s an opening date for Brandon Steven’s new 6S Steakhouse.

“The 20th for sure,” says managing partner Seth Glassman.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be able to get in then.

It’s a Saturday, and Glassman says he’ll have to cut off reservations or entries “if it gets to a certain point.”

“We don’t want to overwhelm the kitchen,” he says of the first night. “I can’t feed 500 people.”

Glassman says he is looking forward to eventually feeding the west side and beyond. He says he wants people to know that even though 6S is “a big, beautiful restaurant,” not every meal needs to be a high-dollar one.

“It’s also your neighborhood spot,” he says.

“We’re not pretentious. We’re not pompous,” Glassman says. “We were really careful with the pricing.”

The “we” includes executive chef Kayson Chong. They both relocated from Los Angeles, which is where Chong is from.

Glassman is from New York originally, as his accent makes clear.

“This will be my eighth restaurant opening,” he says. “I’ve done this my whole life.”

Glassman says he and Chong are working with local markets, vendors and farms to have as many locally sourced ingredients as possible.

“We’re all about … immersing ourselves in the community.”

Chong says he’s worked for a lot of famous restaurants and chefs, such as Wolfgang Puck.

“I worked all over California.”

He says he’s enjoying checking out a new part of the country, but Chong says Wichitans keep asking him why he’s here.

“People from Wichita are asking me that question every day.”

Look for a sneak-peek video of 6S, including its decor and menu, before it opens next week.

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