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Sunday is final day for Dandales’ maybe-we’re-closing sale

Sunday is the final day for the Dandales maybe-we’re-closing, maybe-we’re-not sale.

In March, owners Paul and Virginia Treadwell explained that construction on a service road would force them to close their store, which has been at 10929 E. Kellogg for almost 40 years. They explained that they didn’t know if they’d be able to reopen. They still don’t.

“It’s going to be interesting to see how it looks when they open the road back up,” Paul Treadwell says. “Everything changes a little bit as they build it.”

There’s a chance Dandales could reopen in a few months – or in a year or more depending on how construction goes.

“You know how that goes,” Treadwell says. “We’ll just see.”

He’ll also have to see how visible the store is and how easy it is to get to once the work is done.

One thing is for certain, Treadwell says: “We’re never going to move.”

Treadwell says he’s already sold a lot of the Dandales merchandise, “which we really appreciate the customers for.”

The store is now making final markdowns.

“They can get some good buys,” Treadwell says. “Hopefully they’ll come out and clean us out.”

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