Carrie Rengers

DRIV Golf Lounge & Brewhouse to develop new tracking technology

The new DRIV Golf Lounge & Brewhouse that’s going to open on Greenwich north of K-96 – if up to $29 million in STAR bonds are approved – also is going to feature new technology to track interactive golf games.

“We are using a tracking technology that is camera-based,” says spokeswoman Katherine Mitchell.

Someone else associated with the project told Have You Heard? that there would be microchips in the balls to track them so guests could have driving competitions and know who shot what. Mitchell says that’s actually a patented technology that competitor Topgolf has.

DRIV is taking another approach.

“It is a high-speed optical camera that’s … located in the bay that tracks your ball as it’s hit,” Mitchell says.

She can’t share too many details yet.

“That is still under development,” Mitchell says. “We’re working with our technology partner now.”

The games will be played on driving ranges at the 49,000-square-foot facility that Mitchell says actually extend out of the building.

“There is a long driving range area.”

Watch for updates as the project progresses.

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