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Master gardeners start seeds indoors

Spot On miniature iris reticulata at Botanica.
Spot On miniature iris reticulata at Botanica. Courtesy photo

Master gardeners start seeds for demo garden

The Sedgwick County master gardeners this week started their first seeds of the season indoors at 21st and Ridge Road.

The master gardeners started several varieties of lettuce, Chinese broccoli and Chinese leeks and Chinese celery, cabbage, and cilantro, and placed the seed containers under lights. They’ll be planted outdoors in the demo garden at the Extension Center in four or five weeks.

You can start your own seeds for lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts, most herbs and flowers, onions and leeks now, too. Go to Kansas.com to see a video of how the master gardeners and extension agent Rebecca McMahon started seeds.

Annie Calovich

Don’t make a flub when choosing a tub

Q: We’re planning a new bathroom remodel and want a separate bathtub area. Cn you please inform us about different style bathtubs and how they are installed?

A: Basically, bathtubs can fall into four different categories:

1. ALCOVE TUBS: This is the standard three-wall install with a finished front apron built into the tub. A shower setup is often included with an alcove tub and is often called a tub/shower unit.

2. DROP-IN OR UNDER-MOUNT TUBS: These tubs need to be framed in place, usually with four knee walls surrounding the tub. Drop-in models have finished rims and sit on top of the deck, under-mounts are usually flush with the finished deck.

3. FREESTANDING TUBS: A freestanding tub is self-supporting with all sides finished. Because they can be placed just about anywhere in the bathroom, freestanding tubs are often used as a decorative focal point.

4. CORNER TUB: If you absolutely need to put a bathtub in a corner, these specialized tubs have cornered the market.


In bloom at Botanica

New flowers continue to pop up in the warmth of Botanica’s gardens. They include this Spot On miniature iris (Iris reticulata), in the Juniper collection across from the Pavilion.