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Alton Brown puts two Wichita coffee shops on his list of favorites

Alton Brown, center, during his stop at Reverie Coffee Roasters in October
Alton Brown, center, during his stop at Reverie Coffee Roasters in October Reverie Coffee Roasters

Celebrity chef Alton Brown’s love affair with Wichita continues.

Last week, Brown published on his blog a list of his top 10 favorite coffee shops he visited while on his recent tour, and two Wichita businesses made the list. (No other city, by the way, made the list twice.)

Brown, who was in Wichita in late October for a performance of his “Edible Inevitable” tour, included both Reverie Coffee Roasters, 2611 E. Douglas, and Espresso To Go Go, 102 St. Francis and 120 E. First St. N., on the list. Here’s what he had to say about each:

Espresso To Go Go (Wichita, KS): I went to both of this coffee establishment’s locations so that I could behold the giant disco mirror ball in one and a life-size winged unicorn in the other. I’d heard that there was a secret menu that you had to request. I did. And on that first visit, I ordered a Sid Vicious: Seven shots of espresso mixed with five sugars. And then I danced under that big shiny ball … for 3 hours. On my second visit I truly enjoyed their Vietnamericano featuring sweetened condensed milk and espresso, (I skipped the whipped cream). The only freaky thing was that the exact same girls were working in both locations. Clones? Who cares.”

Reverie Roasters (Wichita, KS): If Espresso To Go Go is a nightclub, Reverie is a laboratory for caffeinated hipsters. The guys making coffee here are serious about their brews and took the time to educate me on just about everything. I enjoyed their coffee and latte, and especially their cold brew which I got to-go for the bus. They also have a pretty cool logo which is critical for a great coffee shop.”

During his two days in Wichita, Brown also visited Old Mill Tasty Shop, Little Saigon, Riverside Cafe , the Donut Whole, Tanya’s Soup Kitchen, Public at the Brickyard and Nifty Nuthouse. He also talked about his Wichita dining adventures from the Century II stage. A couple of days later, Brown posted about his Wichita food adventures on his blog.

Reverie’s owner, Andrew Gough, said he feels the effects from his moment in Brown’s spotlight all the time.

“We’ve had a number of customers who have specifically said, ‘I’m here because Alton came here,’” Gough said. “I’m a big fan personally, and I’ve always been, so it was kind of like meeting a rock star for me.”

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