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Read what Alton Brown thought of Wichita, in his own words

Alton Brown with the Espresso to Go Go crew
Alton Brown with the Espresso to Go Go crew Wichita

Food celebrity Alton Brown was in Wichita a couple of weeks ago, and during the two days he was here, he tried several local restaurants and coffee shops – some of them twice.

His adventures were reported on social media by the man himself and by the employees and owners in the places he visited: Espresso to Go Go, Old Mill Tasty Shop, Little Saigon, Riverside Cafe , Reverie Coffee Roasters, the Donut Whole, Tanya’s Soup Kitchen, Public at the Brickyard and Nifty Nuthouse. He also talked about his Wichita dining adventures from the Century II stage.

A couple of days later, Brown posted about his Wichita food adventures on his blog, and today, it started making the rounds on Wichita social media.

You can read what Brown had to say about his Wichita eats here.

But here are some excerpts:

On Espresso to Go Go: “I went to this fine coffee establishment twice (wanted to check out both locations). Why? Because one has a giant disco ball and the other a unicorn (with glowing eyes).”

On Tanya’s Soup Kitchen: “Tanya has one of the most loyal followings I’ve seen yet. Everyone on Twitter wanted me to come here and try her Curry Chicken Soup.”

On Nifty Nut House: “I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. This place is a national treasure. It’s nuts. Absolutely crazy.”

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