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6S Steakhouse back in compliance, manager ‘100 percent’ confident about food quality

Less than a month after a second failed food safety inspection at Wichita’s 6S Steakhouse made headlines, the restaurant has passed a re-inspection and has put in place procedures that will ensure that it never face that situation again, said the restaurant’s managing partner.

Seth Glassman, who is in charge of the day-to-day operations of the Brandon Steven-owned restaurant at 6200 W. 21st St., said that the same health inspector who visited in early July, when several items in a walk-in cooler were determined to have been prepared more than seven days prior, returned for the followup inspection, which Glassman had requested.

The Kansas Department of Agriculture’s restaurant inspection results, which can be viewed online, now lists 6S Steakhouse as as being in compliance after the July 26 followup visit.

In a story published last month, the Eagle reported that a food safety inspector who made unannounced visits in mid-June and again in early July found the kitchen stocked with meats, sauces, dressings and other foods that were too old to serve safely to customers, including 25-day-old cheesecake mix, nearly 6-week-old cooked risotto and cocktail sauce made in May.

Glassman said that all of the outdated items were discarded as soon as they were discovered by the inspector and were never served to customers. He also said that he took the results of the inspections seriously and has taken steps to make sure the restaurant remains in compliance.

6S Steakhouse managing partner Seth Glassman, right, pictured with executive chef Kayson Chong, said he’s “100 percent” confident in the quality and safety of food being served at the restaurant. Courtesy photo

“One of the biggest things that needs to be understood is that the Kansas Department of Agriculture and 6S are completely aligned,” Glassman said. “We want the same things. It is not an adversarial relationship by any means. In fact, I see them as a resource to ensure that everything is being done right.”

Glassman said he had the restaurant’s entire staff, including those not directly involved with food preparation and service, retake courses put on by ServSafe, a national organization that provides food safety training. He also reviewed all the restaurant’s internal documents and procedures to make sure that its own food safety rules were as stringent, if not more, than the Department of Agriculture’s, he said.

The reports have not affected business, he said, and he’s been comforted by the support he’s received from members of the community.

“I’m forever grateful for the way that everyone has welcomed us into the city,” he said. “To me, what makes 6S great is that we provide great food, great service and a nice ambiance, and I can go on record 100 percent that we are putting out nothing but the best quality each and every day.”

6S is an upscale west-side steakhouse that opened in January 2018.

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