Dining With Denise Neil

A popular question: What’s being built on this corner of Ridge Road’s restaurant row?

This is not new information — we originally reported it back in March — but lots of people must have missed it judging by how many times each week I get this question:

What restaurant is going up across the street from IHOP on Ridge just south of Kellogg, where Wilbeck Chiropractic used to be?

It’s a reasonable question considering how many restaurants have popped up at the corner over the past several years, including Abeulo’s, Rib Crib, Chick-fil-A and most recently Cracker Barrel and Cheddar’s.

But that particular spot, where an active construction has now piqued everyone’s interest, will not be home to a restaurant. Instead, the lot at 455 S. Ridge Road will be home to a new Tommy’s Express Car Wash. The franchise is about to enter the market, and Wichita could eventually get three more. The first will have almost 5,000 square feet, a 110-foot tunnel and lots of vacuums.

Though that may not be the news restaurant fans were expecting, take heart and watch the Eagle. A few other restaurateurs are eying the area and we should have news on some of them soon.

And on the upside, our cars can now look their best as we fight for position in the Freddy’s drive-through..