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New national lists say Wichita has best fried chicken, steakhouse, diner in Kansas

2017: Scotch & Sirloin undergoes major remodeling

(FILE VIDEO -- JANUARY 12, 2017) Mike Issa explains what went into the Scotch & Sirloin overhaul.
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(FILE VIDEO -- JANUARY 12, 2017) Mike Issa explains what went into the Scotch & Sirloin overhaul.

A fresh batch of lists published by national magazines and websites are extolling the culinary virtues of Wichita.

Three different groups have put out “best of” lists in the past several weeks, and if they’re to be believed, Wichita has the best fried chicken in Kansas, the best steakhouse in Kansas, and the most iconic diner in Kansas.

Here’s a look at the Wichita restaurants who landed on the lists:

Best fried chicken: Taste of Home magazine just published an article on its website where it names its picks for “The Best Fried Chicken in Every State.” Their pick for Kansas: Wichita’s Krispy’s Fried Chicken & Seafood, which has operated at 3009 S. Hillside since 2014.

“Imagine plump pieces of chicken fried to golden perfection—that’s what you’ll find at Krispy’s where each order is prepared fresh on the spot. Breaded with flavorful seasoned flour and often served atop a fluffy waffle, it’s well worth the wait,” reads the article.

Special props to Krispy’s for getting the nod in a category that’s especially crowded in Wichita of late.

Mike Issa’s Scotch & Sirloin is the best steakhouse in Kansas, according to a new list. File photo The Wichita Eagle

Best steakhouse: Food Network Magazine has a long tradition of publishing its guides to the best eats in each state. One of its latest lists names the best steakhouse in each state, and in Kansas, it’s Scotch & Sirloin at 5325 E. Kellogg. According to the list, the 51-year-old restaurant “still maintains its reputation for serving the best beef in the Midwest.” It also lauds the restaurant’s wine list. If you haven’t been lately, now might be a good time. The Scotch recently underwent a major exterior overhaul and now looks like a different place.

Jack and Linda Davidson, with their son Joe Davidson, are the owners of the most iconic diner in Kansas, according to a new list. Jaime Green The Wichita Eagle

Most iconic diner: The website msn.com has just published its list of “The Most Iconic Diner in Every State,” and Wichita’s Jimmie’s Diner was the pick for Kansas. “Poodle skirts and ponytails are the uniforms at Jimmie’s Diner, so you’ll feel like you’ve flashed back to the ‘50s,” says the entry on the diner, which has locations at 3111 N. Rock Road and 1519 George Washington. “With service that’s as fast as it is friendly, you can sip some bubbly from the old-fashioned soda fountain or dig into a pile of pancakes from their all-day breakfast menu.”

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