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Scotch & Sirloin exterior is losing its ’70s flair, getting a sleek ‘Napa Valley’ look

2017: Scotch & Sirloin undergoes major remodeling

(FILE VIDEO -- JANUARY 12, 2017) Mike Issa explains what went into the Scotch & Sirloin overhaul.
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(FILE VIDEO -- JANUARY 12, 2017) Mike Issa explains what went into the Scotch & Sirloin overhaul.

Say farewell to the stately stone lions guarding the front door, the logo with the 1970s font and outdated coat-of-arms.

Scotch & Sirloin, Wichita’s oldest steakhouse, got a slick, modern interior remodel last year, and now owner Mike Issa has launched a project to make the outside look just as modern.

Anyone who’s driven past the restaurant at 5325 E. Kellogg this week would have noticed construction equipment, scaffolding and a whole lot of missing siding. (And lots of signs announcing that the restaurant will remain open during construction.)

Within a few weeks, Issa said, the project will be done and the outside of the restaurant will have “a Napa Valley” look.

“The Scotch is 50 years old. It’s time to give it a new face, a new look,” he said. “We want the outside to represent the inside, to feel modern, look appealing, make you curious and want to come in.”

For his exterior remodel, Issa again turned to LK Architecture, which also did the interior remodel. When it’s done, the restaurant will have a sleek, modern tile and wood exterior. Instead of the old lion logo, the restaurant will be marked with a giant glowing “S,” which matches the s-shaped architectural features inside.

The revolving door at the entrance will remain, but the entrance canopy will be gone.

For now, the stone lion statues that stood guard at the entrance have been moved to the front of a neighboring building Issa also owns. He’s not sure exactly where they’ll end up, but it won’t be at the Scotch, he said.

“The ’70s are long gone,” he said. “It’s kind of a necessity.”

The restaurant is operating normally inside throughout construction, Issa said, and customers have been figuring that out.

Issa bought the Scotch & Sirloin in 2014, and last year, he overhauled the interior, adding a curved ceiling, a wine room and wine wall, a new granite bar, lots of brick accents, new carpet and more.

The restaurant originally opened on Nov. 6, 1968, and Issa said he’s planning a big 50th birthday celebration for right after the holidays this year.

I’ll let you know when the exterior remodel is finished.

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