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Is Sonic's new Pickle Juice Slush worth driving in for? Here's a review

Dining with Denise tries the new Sonic Dill Pickle slush

Sonic started serving a Dill Pickle slush today.
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Sonic started serving a Dill Pickle slush today.

The first and most obvious question is, "Why?"

But then, as is the case with so many bizarre stunt foods offered by restaurant chains, the answer is, "Why not?"

Today, Sonicreleased its new Pickle Juice Slush, and I rushed right out to try it.

I do love dill pickles (thought I hate HATE sweet pickles) and pickle was always my favorite Scratch-N-Sniff sticker, but can't say I've ever craved a pickle frozen. Or slushed. Or from a straw. But a small is only $1.28, including tax, so I really had nothing to lose.

When the carhop delivered it, I lifted the lid and discovered a neon green/yellow hybrid that was more the color of Mountain Dew than pickle juice. I sniffed it and was assaulted by a full bouquet of dill.

The slush, to my surprise, was actually sweet and not the least bit sour. The first few sips tasted like nothing much of anything but ice and sugar. As I continued to drink, though, the dill made its presence known, thought it was more of an aftertaste than a full on flavor.

It's a perfectly acceptable slush. Not gross. Not great. But something you can say you tried. Because really, why not?

The drink is available only for a limited time this summer, so don't spend too much time psyching yourself up.

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