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How is Starbucks’ new blonde espresso? Here’s a review

Starbucks new blonde espresso is all the talk on social media today. The coffee chain put it on menus across the country today as an alternative to its regular, full-strength espresso, which some people have complained is too bitter.

I diligently drove to the nearest Starbucks to give it a shot, so to speak, and found... very little difference.

I ordered my blonde shot in a latte because I don’t drink straight shots of espresso. (Does anyone?) I also ordered a latte with the full octane stuff, just for comparison’s sake.

Honestly, I tasted no difference whatsoever. Perhaps if I’d ordered espresso shots I would have, but in a hot latte, the difference is negligible. (As a side note, I’m excessively jittery for 3:30 on a Tuesday afternoon.)

The company describes the new espresso has having a crisp citrus flavor, and many have noted that it’s a strange move for a chain that was invented for the enjoyment of people who enjoyed bolder coffee flavors.

Has anyone had a different experience? Let me know what you thought, and watch the video I made of my first experience as a blonde.

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