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Will a cooking show sizzle more if the chefs are nude? Wichita is about to find out

A very, ahem, revealing cooking show is headed for the Orpheum Theatre in Wichita.
A very, ahem, revealing cooking show is headed for the Orpheum Theatre in Wichita.

If a regular old cooking show isn’t hot enough for you, perhaps you’d consider a cooking show with near-nude chefs.

Tickets go on sale on Friday morning for a show called “Chefs: A Sizzling Kitchen Showdown”, which will stop at the Orpheum Theatre in Wichita on April 20. The show is billed as “Iron Chef meets Magic Mike,” and the cooks pictured on the publicity poster are wearing nothing but their chef’s hats, with their naughty bits covered by strategically placed pasta, pie and salad.

According to the press release that landed in my inbox earlier this week:

“These hilarious (and delicious) hunks give you a peek behind the apron as they slice, dice, and spice things up in the kitchen through a series of escalating culinary challenges where the stakes are high: if they lose a challenge, they lose their shirt. Literally.”

Gasp. What would Alton Brown think?

I suppose we should thank Magic Mike for this trend, which also drew the Naked Magicians to Wichita back in May. That touring Australian act performed magic tricks in the near-buff.

What’s next? Naked dance offs? Naked concerts? Naked comedians?

If this idea entices you, prepare to shop for tickets in the morning. They’ll range in price from $29 to $69 and will go on sale starting at 10 a.m. Friday. The show is at 8 p.m. April 20.

Get tickets at http://wichitaorpheum.com, at www.selectaseat.com, by calling 316-755-7328 or at the Select-a-Seat box office at Intrust Bank Arena.

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