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Any day now, Alton Brown will start showing up in Wichita restaurants

It’ll no doubt be a nifty time when Alton Brown returns to Wichita.
It’ll no doubt be a nifty time when Alton Brown returns to Wichita.

Food Network star Alton Brown brought his live show to Wichita in October 2014, and that’s when his love affair with the city began.

Before he hit the Century II stage with his “Edible Inevitable” show – his first-ever live show and a messy-yet-educational comic performance that included singing, joking and food experiments – he made the rounds at local restaurants and coffee shops, choosing his stops based on his fans’ social media recommendations.

People snapped pictures with him, and later, he spoke from the stage about what he ate and drank. When he left, he continued over the years to mention Wichita in blog posts and on podcasts.

This man loves Wichita. And he admitted during a recent phone interview that he loves it so much, he requested that it be added to the stops for his new tour, called “Alton Brown Live: Eat Your Science.” Brown will return to Century II with the show at 7 p.m. on Wednesday.

“This is a completely new show,” Brown said. “Everything in is 100 percent new. If you liked the last one, you’re going to really like this one. If you didn’t see the last one, it doesn’t matter one bit.”

During Brown’s 2014 show, he demonstrated a massive Easy Bake Oven that he designed as a teen and built as an adult. He recruited a volunteer from the audience and joked that he was using Tanya’s Soup Kitchen’s tomato bisque, which he’d had for lunch, in place of pizza sauce. He sang silly odes to his favorite foods and shared hilarious anecdotes from his life, career and kitchen.

The new show includes all those components. But there’s more.

“There’s still a lot of audience interaction and game show components in this one, but there’s also the one thing I didn’t have,” Brown said. “Last time, I did everything but a dance number.

“This time, I do a tango with a bottle of Sriracha,” he said. “Yeah. That’s happening.”

Tickets to the show are still available. But even those who don’t attend could have an Alton Brown encounter.

In every town he visits, Brown asks fans to recommend where he should eat and drink while he’s visiting. He goes to the places that earn the most mentions on social media. In 2014, he was showed up in nine different Wichita restaurants and coffee shops: Espresso to Go Go, Old Mill Tasty Shop, Little Saigon, Riverside Cafe , Reverie Coffee Roasters, the Donut Whole, Tanya’s Soup Kitchen, Public at the Brickyard and Nifty Nut House.

He’s been taking nominations for this visit for several weeks now, so fans need to keep their eyes open. He performs in Springfield, Mo., on Tuesday night, so it looks like Wednesday will be the day. And he's not due to his next stop in Columbus, Ohio, for a couple of days, so don't count Thursday, Oct. 19, out.


When: 7 p.m. Wednesday

Where: Century II Concert Hall

Tickets: $47.50, $67.50, $77.50. On sale at www.wichitatix.com, by calling 316-303-8100 or at the Century II Box Office.

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