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Lots of Wichitans were screaming at work Monday morning

I screamed at work this morning.

Of course, I knew what I was about to see: A homicidal clown holding a box of doughnuts and a scary red balloon. I’d arranged it all last week and knew what was about to happen.

But nothing can really prepare you for what seeing such a thing is actually going to do to your nervous system.

The Wichita Eagle was one of the first stops on the Hurts Donut creepy clown delivery route on Monday morning. In the spirit of scary clowns – a spirit revived by the release of the movie “It” – the shop is advertising a terrifying service. Today and on Tuesday, it’s dispatching a lookalike of the movie’s murderous gutter clown to deliver doughnuts around Wichita.

I arranged a delivery last week, hoping to scare the shrpinkles out of my co-workers.

And I think I did. Watch the attached video to see how awesomely awful it was.

“Scary Clown Deliveries” cost $15 for a dozen doughnuts (including one specialty clown-themed doughnut) plus $5 for the delivery and $5 for the clown. If the schedule fills up this week Monday and Tuesday, Trista Patterson said, she’ll likely add more deliveries next week.

Call 316-390-2462 to get on the schedule.

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