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Where to get Wichita’s best fried chicken

Dempsey’s Biscuit Co.’s Nashville hot chicken is one of the best additions to the Wichita fried chicken scene.
Dempsey’s Biscuit Co.’s Nashville hot chicken is one of the best additions to the Wichita fried chicken scene. The Wichita eagle

Thursday was National Fried Chicken Day, and Wichita was not a bad place to celebrate.

Though our city isn’t exactly overflowing with options, we’ve added several more over the past year.

Here’s a quick list of some of my favorites. Let me know yours.

1. Dempsey’s Biscuit Co., 3425 E. Douglas: Wichita added this fun restaurant in February, and it specializes in a creation called Nashville hot chicken. In this case, hot means spicy. Very spicy. Just a few weeks ago, I braved the restaurant’s “reaper” chicken, the hottest it makes, and I’m still feeling the effects. You can get Dempsey’s fried chicken on a sandwich or on the bone.

2. Slim Chickens, 2313 N. Greenwich: This national chain arrived in Wichita in May, and it’s already earning legions of loyal fans. Businesses nearby report constant crowds at the restaurant, which specializes in fried chicken tenders, wings and breasts featuring dipping sauces in flavors like Ranch, garlic Parmesan, mango habanero and more.

3. Louisiana Famous Fried chicken, 4206 Harry: This fast-food restaurant is another that Wichita added in the past year. It serves fried chicken and fried fish, and it just added slushies to the menu.

4. Krispy’s Fried Chicken & Seafood, 3009 S. Hillside: This south Wichita restaurant has some of Wichita’s best fried chicken that comes out of the fryer fluffy and crispy. It also has killer chicken and waffles.

5. Neighbors, 2315 W. 21st St.: This bar’s fried chicken is widely considered to be Wichita’s best, mainly because the kitchen takes the time to pan-fry it.

6. Stroud’s, 3661 N. Hillside: This fried chicken restaurant also pan fries, and serves its sides family-style. It’s a Wichita favorite.

7. Dillons: Wichita’s biggest grocery store chain makes surprisingly reliable fried chicken, and it’s one of the best places to get it for a big party.

8. Wings & Things, 2800 E. Central, 2624 E. 21st St.: Retired football star and Wichita native Kamerion Wimbley owns these Wichita restaurants, which specializes in fried chicken wings, fried chicken sandwiches, fried chicken tenders and catfish.

9. Popeye’s, several Wichita locations: Of couse everybody “loves that chicken from Popeye’s,” and Wichita has several locations.

10. Valerie’s Wings & Things, 3928 E. 13th St.: Kamerion Wimbley’s aunt Valerie Mitchell helped open Wings & Things, then split off on her own last year. She serves fried chicken wings, fried catfish and more.

So, who have I missed? Go to my Dining with Denise Facebook page and tell me where you get good fried chicken in Wichita.

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