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As new downtown Sonic opens, a nearby Sonic closes

The Sonic at 13th and Broadway is no more.
The Sonic at 13th and Broadway is no more. The Wichita Eagle

The downtown Sonic at 504 S. Broadway, near Broadway and Waterman, opened on Saturday and now is bustling with customers.

But the addition of the new Sonic has resulted in the subtraction of another. The other near-downtown Sonic, which has operated for years at 1235 N. Broadway (near 13th and Broadway), is closed.

A sign out front instructs customers to visit the new Sonic, and on Wednesday evening, workers were dismantling the building. All the menu screens were gone and pieces of the building were scattered about the parking lot.

The new Sonic replaces the 13th and Broadway store, a Sonic spokesman said. The chain frequently looks for new locations for upgrades, he said.

The new Sonic was built on the site where Golden House once stood. It closed and was torn down in May.