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Three facts about Carlos O'Kelly's 30th anniversary

Jon Rolph of Carlos O'Kelley's
Jon Rolph of Carlos O'Kelley's File photo

1. Past: David and Darrel Rolph opened the very first Carlos O'Kelly's in Marion, Iowa, in 1981. Today, there are 41 Carlos O'Kelly's in nine states, including four in Wichita.

2. Present: The Carlos O'Kelly's headquarters is in Wichita, and David Rolph's son Jon now serves as president of the company.

3. Birthday treats: To celebrate the big birthday, Carlos O'Kelly's has brought back some classic menu items from the past, including a chile verde pork burrito, a chile verde combo platter, a Colorado-style chile relleno and a chicken fiesta salad. They're available through Aug. 6, and even more menu specials will be offered later this year as the actual birthday, which is in December, draws closer.


Restaurant closing

Onyx Bistro, which opened in April at 217 E. Douglas, has already closed. The Jamaican restaurant owned by Syreeta Bulgin is the latest in a long chain of restaurants that survived in the spot only briefly, including DK Kitchen, Thai Kitchen, Bamboo House and Coli.