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What you need to know if you’re going to Paul McCartney tonight

Paul McCartney performing in Miami earlier this month
Paul McCartney performing in Miami earlier this month The Miami Herald

Wichita hasn’t had this big of a concert since ... Garth Brooks?

Tonight, legendary music star and former Beatle Paul McCartney will bring his “One on One” tour to Intrust Bank Arena. It’ll be his first-ever show in Kansas, and it has broken the record for highest-grossing performance at the arena.

Here are a few things you need to know to navigate the crowds and survive the evening:

Show details: Fans can enter the arena starting at 6:30 p.m. The show is slated to start at 8 p.m. Don’t be late. The opening song on most stops has been “A Hard Day’s Night.” Also, alert the babysitter. This show includes nearly 40 songs and lasts three hours.

Where not to enter: Entrance C, which is on the north side of the arena, is under construction, so the only entrance on that side of the building is through a stairwell just west of the main entrance doors and the construction zone. Entrances A and B, which are on the south side of the arena, are operating as normal. Early Wednesday morning, shade-providing white tents were already set up at those entrances.

What not to bring: Don’t forget about the arena’s new security policies. They prohibit bags that are larger than 14 inches long by 14 inches wide by 6 inches high. Also, backpacks are no longer allowed in the arena, though you can bring diaper bags and medical bags, which will be searched. Everyone will have to pass through a walk-through metal detector.

Also, lots of items are prohibited at the concert, including tablets, selfie sticks and signs larger than 24x36. You can find a complete list of prohibited items at

Parking tips: Most city lots are open during weeknight evenings, but there’s also parking at Lawrence-Dumont Stadium, 300 S. Sycamore. Free shuttle buses will pick people up there starting at 6 p.m. and take them to the arena. There’s also parking in the Coleman parking lot at Second and St. Francis, just north of the arena. If you want to study your parking plan in advance, visit

What happened to the arena-adjacent streets? Nothing, but in honor of the concert, the city has approved temporarily renaming the intersection of Waterman and St. Francis “Penny Lane” and the intersection of English Street and St. Francis “Abbey Road.” The intersections get their old names back once the concert is over. (Beware of groups of four taking photos in crosswalks.)

What if you miss the show?: No worries. We’ll have a review, photos and a snippet of video from the concert posted on by the time the show ends.

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