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July 17, 2014

Shocker Summer: Cleo Littleton earns a college hoops first

Editor’s note: This story originally appeared in The Eagle on Feb. 15, 1955.

Editor’s note: This story originally appeared in The Eagle on Feb. 15, 1955.

University of Wichita forward Cleo Littleton Tuesday was hailed by the National Collegiate Athletic Bureau as the first player at a major college west of the Mississippi River to join basketball’s famous “2,000 Club.”

Steve Broda, statistician for the NCAB, informed the WU sports publicity office of Littleton’s status Monday afternoon.

Broda informed the WU staff that Littleton is the seventh cager of all-time from a major college to score 2,000 points.

Littleton ran his college scoring total to 2,003 points last Saturday night when he scored 30 points against the University of Houston at Houston.

Of the seven players to join the “2,000 Club,” five still are in action. The still active players include Dick Hemric of Wake Forest, Tom Gola of LaSalle, George Dalton of John Carroll, Don Schlundt of Indiana and Littleton.

Littleton still has seven games remaining in his college career to bolster his all-time scoring record. He currently is averaging 20.5 points per game, the highest average of his career.

The WU player’s second-best season was in his freshman campaign when he averaged 18.5 points. Littleton averaged 18.3 as a sophomore and 18.2 points as a junior as he led the Shockers to a runner-up berth in the Missouri Valley Conference race.

The members of the “2,000 Club” announced by the NCAB Tuesday morning by order of name, school, years of competition, games played and total points:

1. Frank Selvy (Furman, 1951-54), 3 years, 78 games, 2,538 points

2. Dick Hemric (Wake Forest, 1951-pres.), 4th, 95, 2,372

3. Tom Gola (LaSalle, 1951-pres.), 4th, 107, 2,307

4. Jim Lacy (Loyola, 1945-49), 4, 119, 2,154

5. George Dalton (John Carroll, 1951-pres), 4th, 92, 2,120

6. Don Schlundt (Indiana, 1951-pres.), 4th, 87, 2017

7. Cleo Littleton (Wichita, 1951-pres.), 4th, 107, 2,003

8. Dick Wilkinson (W. Virginia, 1951-pres), 3rd, 69, 1942

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