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August 27, 2014

Letters on Fesen, ISIS

Mark Fesen is a smart, talented and humorous man who exhausts every avenue to cure those under his care.

Fesen gives hope, does his best

Regarding the biased article about oncologist Mark Fesen (“Hutchinson Clinic audit: Cancer doctor ‘unnecessarily’ treated patients,” Aug. 24 Eagle): I had the pleasure of being recruited to Fesen’s practice as a student and staying on as a nurse for several years before a move necessitated my resignation. He is a smart, talented and humorous man who exhausts every avenue to cure those under his care.

Fesen was involved in research studies, always ready to see advances in cancer care. He made sure the nurses were appreciated, and he was extremely generous. When he discovered I had gone back to school to advance my nursing degree, he would literally pull me off the floor to see patients so that I could learn. He trusted nurses and respected that we advocated for our patients.

This side needs to be told – of a doctor who gives hope and does his best, a doctor who refuses to give up or give in to cancer. That’s the kind of doctor I want for my loved ones. I would work with him again in a heartbeat. I would recommend him to anyone needing an oncologist, and I would trust him with my life. He is awesome.



Shameful article

I found the article “Hutchinson Clinic audit: Cancer doctor ‘unnecessarily’ treated patients” (Aug. 24 Eagle) to be very disappointing. The Eagle basically took two audits by one doctor, a stated expert, and made a front-page article. But there was no rebuttal to this report – just a potentially negative report, depending on one’s interpretation.

In a court of law, one is at least usually afforded the opportunity to face the accusers. But in this case, oncologist Mark Fesen is not allowed to rebut the findings of the audits in a public forum. If he did so he would be violating his patients’ confidentiality.

At that point, The Eagle would better serve the public interest to drop this story. This was shameful reporting. The Eagle owes Fesen a public, front-page apology.


Bel Aire

Counter ISIS

The threat of ISIS appears similar to the threat of the Nazis before World War II. The Europeans ignored Adolf Hitler’s rising power because they were tired of war.

As ISIS spreads through the Middle East at will, our nation’s leaders are assessing how to counter this threat. ISIS is well-equipped, having seized abandoned equipment the United States gave the Iraqi army, and it is growing in strength, numbers and brutality.

What is the U.S. to do? That decision is in the hands of our nation’s leaders. However, with the future leader of ISIS having said in 2009 to U.S. soldiers who had held him prisoner, “I’ll see you in New York,” trying to avoid conflict because we’re tired of war should not be the determining factor.

Much of Europe succumbed to Hitler because Europeans were “tired of war.”



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