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Opinion Line (July 6)

The Kansas tax hike attacks what is a minority, as 20 percent of Kansans are smokers. A tax increase on fountain-type drinks or even water usage is more appropriate.

Opinion Line

Opinion Line Extra (July 6)

So air bag manufacturer Takata may have put profits before safety. Really? What a shocker. Not. In the absence of oversight or regulation, the temptation to cut corners or defraud the public is huge.

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Dick Meyer: A crisis or sign of progress?

The refugees of the 21st century are not fleeing the world’s great powers, as in the past; they are far away from America, from Europe, from the developed Asian nations and far from the culture and historical memory of the developed, prosperous world. Some big thinkers, the optimists, take the view that it is a very good thing, a sign of great progress.

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