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Mueller probe a hyper-partisan circus

Thursday marks one year since Robert Mueller became special counsel. His mission: to search from sea to shining sea for collusion between Russia and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. If Mueller has found anything concrete behind this collective hallucination, he must have stashed it in Fort Knox.

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How to crack the electoral code

Theodore White invented a genre with his groundbreaking book “The Making of the President, 1960,” and news junkies ever since have eagerly awaited postmortems from inside the operations of the various Republican and Democrat presidential campaigns. There have been 14 presidential elections since Kennedy-Nixon, and each has generated its own raft of books.

Wichita City Council candidates answer: What to do about Northeast Wichita pools?

Wichita City Council District 1 candidates Brandon Johnson, Mike Kinard, John Stevens and Janet Wilson answer the question: There are no public pools open in northeast Wichita. Would you support opening a pool and how would you fund it? (Video by
McClatchy fsalazar@wichitaeagle.com