Two jobs are too much

As talented as Eric Sexton may be, it’s not a good idea for him to serve both as Wichita State University’s athletic director and as vice president for student affairs. Those jobs are too complex and too important for one person.

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Masterson urged caution on school funding requests

Gov. Sam Brownback and legislative leaders approved less than half of the $1.1 million in additional funding requested by eight school districts. The money came from an “extraordinary needs” fund the Legislature created to help school districts unusually harmed by the new block-grant funding system or facing other unforeseen expenses

Opinion Line

Opinion Line (May 7)

I’ve always been proud of my WSU alum status and enjoyed WSU’s contributions to the community, especially the fine arts programs and the athletic teams. Current administrative policies, coupled with the enormous emphasis on athletics, are a serious deterrent to the university’s purpose and mission.

Opinion Line

Opinion Line Extra (May 7)

After being trashed by Obama, Baltimore’s mayor and Maryland’s congressional delegation, why doesn’t the Baltimore police force just quit en masse? Go get a job where law and order is appreciated.

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State leaders need to get Uber back

Kansas was back in the national headlines this week as Uber overreacted to a legislative override of a veto by Gov. Sam Brownback by shutting down in the state – making Kansans look like rubes who can’t get on board with this app-based ride-sharing service. Both sides in this dispute have merit.

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