City, county need to work together on economic development

The governments of Sedgwick County and the city of Wichita, geographically divided only by Central Avenue, diverged last week on economic development. The us-versus-them escalation comes when the local economy needs coordinated, unequivocal leadership.

Opinion Line

Opinion Line (May 24)

When America faces a common enemy we put our religious, ethnic and ideological differences aside and work as one, which is why we will never be defeated on our home soil. Muslims can’t get past their Shiite and Sunni differences to defeat ISIS. How sad for them and the world.

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Nicholas Kristof: The power of hope

Whether in America or India, families that are stressed and impoverished – trapped in cycles of poverty – can feel a hopelessness that becomes self-fulfilling. Give people reason to hope that they can achieve a better life, and that, too, can be self-fulfilling.

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How will Kobach handle his expanded power?

Since 2011 it often has seemed as if Kris Kobach really wished he were a crime-fighting attorney general rather than the record-keeping secretary of state. Not coincidentally, on Thursday the House sent a bill to the governor that will add “prosecutor” to Kobach’s duties.

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