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The following are The Eagle editorial board’s recommendations for the Nov. 4 general election. We offer these recommendations as information to consider as you make up your own mind about the candidates and issues.

Now Consider This

Topeka’s Mars plant shows what city sales tax can do

The Wall Street Journal did an article and photo gallery this week on the 10-month-old Mars candy factory in Topeka, a $270 million plant with 200 employees and “two production lines that can produce 8 million miniature Snickers candy bars and 39 million peanut M&M’s every day.” The coverage of the company’s first new chocolate factory in the U.S. in 35 years is worthy of a footnote for Wichitans, who are about to vote on a citywide sales tax that would support economic development.

Opinion Line

Opinion Line (Oct. 31)

The Giants’ Madison Bumgarner is truly a great pitcher. But was it just my biased imagination, or did he seem to get the call every time the ball was anywhere near the strike zone? Whatever the case, Kansas City had a great season and postseason.

Opinion Line

Opinion Line Extra (Oct. 31)

Whatever happened to “truth in advertising” laws? If they are still on the books, why don’t they apply to election commercials and fliers? Whose job is it to enforce them?

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