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June 6, 2014

Ted Nugent endorses Kris Kobach’s re-election bid

Ted Nugent has endorsed Kris Kobach for re-election as secretary of state.

Ted Nugent has endorsed Kris Kobach for re-election as secretary of state.

The rocker, famous for such hits as “Cat Scratch Fever” and “Wango Tango,” posted a Facebook message Wednesday, urging his fans to donate to Kobach’s campaign.

The message praises Kobach as a brave warrior fighting on the front lines against “enemies of America,” a group that according to Nugent includes President Barack Obama and his supporters.

“I swear to God we the people damn well better get crackin & support the few brave warriors who stand with us & the US Constitution & Bill of Rights ABSOLUTELY everytime! Kris Kobach is our ass kickin BloodBrother & on the frontlines taking on the America hating ObamaGang at every turn,” Nugent wrote. “Please help Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach drop a ‘money bomb’ on Facebook! We may not live in KS, but Kris takes our fight directly to the enemies of America everyday!”

Kobach said he was honored by the praise in a phone call on Friday.

“I’m honored to have Ted’s support. He’s a friend and a hunting colleague,” he said. “And, you know, I hope that there’s Americans across the country who share our vote for the right to keep and bear arms who will contribute.”

Nugent, an outspoken supporter of gun rights and other conservative causes, has caused controversy in the past with his statements about Obama. In 2007, Nugent suggested during a concert that Obama, at that point a senator and candidate for president, “suck on my machine gun.”

Kobach said Nugent “expresses his opinions forcefully. It’s just the way he is. And he’s a real patriot and has become a national leader in the defense of our right to keep and bear arms. He doesn’t run his comments by me for editing before he expresses them, nor should he.”

Nugent posted a photograph of him and Kobach at the bottom of his message. Kobach has his hand on Nugent’s shoulder; Nugent is holding a machine gun.

The photo was taken when Kobach helped on a campaign to make it legal to hunt wild hogs from helicopters in Texas in 2011.

Scott Morgan, Kobach’s opponent in the Aug. 5 Republican primary, sent out a release Thursday in which he said the post was evidence that Kobach lives in “a bizarro world detached from reality.”

“The self-appointed Guardian of State Sovereignty needs to stop shooting pigs from helicopters in Texas with Ted Nugent and start focusing on his job in Kansas,” Morgan said. “In what parallel universe does this happen that you have Ted Nugent say ‘Here’s a picture of us hunting hogs together in Texas just before we rallied to legalize helicopter pig hunting! Yes, Kris & I did that!!’?”

Kobach said he is sometimes asked by officials and activists in other states to help on an issue and if he has time apart from his official schedule he is happy to do so. He said that Morgan likely does not understand the extent of damage caused by wild hogs in Texas.

“In the Texas case, it was a no-brainer. Texans asked me for help to address this crisis and it would only take me a few hours to help them, and what good American would say no?” Kobach said.

Nugent provides his fans with a link to Kobach’s campaign website and recommends a donation of $17 or $76.

“The Leftists and commies are working overtime to defeat him in this year’s election. Let’s help him reload so he can keep up the fight! Please make a contribution of $17, or $76 (as in 1776),” he said.

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