December 1, 2011

Pistol-packing pizza delivery driver fires on attempted robber

A pistol-packing pizza delivery driver chased off an attempted armed robber, but it may have cost him his job.

A pistol-packing pizza delivery driver chased off an attempted armed robber, but it may have cost him his job.

Miguel A. Waide, 32, was delivering a Domino’s pizza shortly before 10 p.m. Wednesday at the Brentwood Apartments, 6602 E. Harry. Waide became suspicious he was being set up when no one answered the door, Wichita Police Lt. Doug Nolte said Thursday.

Waide returned to his car and retrieved a pistol from his trunk, just as a man with a gun came up and said he was going to rob Waide. As Waide turned around with the gun in his hand, the other man fled. Waide fired two shots at the man but missed, Nolte said.

Officers later recovered a gun near the scene that they believe belonged to the suspect. Police are still searching for the man.

Waide could not be reached by The Eagle for comment, but he told KWCH that Domino’s Pizza had fired him for violating company policy by having a gun while on duty.

When an Eagle reporter called the Domino’s Pizza store on east Harry where Waide worked and asked for him, a man who answered the phone said Waide had been fired. The man then quickly said that he was referring to someone else and passed the phone to a manager. Another manager later in the day said she couldn’t comment on Waide’s job status. The store referred all calls to Domino’s Pizza headquarters in Ann Arbor, Mich.

Tim McIntyre, a spokesman for Domino’s, said in e-mail response to the Eagle that Waide was not an employee of Domino’s, so it wasn’t the company’s call on whether to fire Waide. He said the store on east Harry is a franchise owned by Michael McKnight. McKnight could not be reached for comment.

“I can’t speak to the exact policy at the franchise,” McIntyre said in his email, “but corporately, we have all employees sign an employment agreement. Among the many things in that agreement is a clause about not carrying a weapon.”

Nolte said Waide didn’t break any laws and wasn’t arrested.

“In this situation, you have to look at the circumstances in total,” Nolte said. “He was being robbed. He protected himself, and in the state of Kansas, that’s not a crime.”

A delivery driver for another pizza company was bringing an order to the Brentwood Apartments near Harry and Woodlawn at about 4:45 p.m. Thursday. He had heard about the shooting the previous night.

“I’m not surprised,” said the man. His first name was Phil, but he declined to give his last name. “I got robbed here a couple of nights ago. We don’t come here after dark.”

Cathy Scott, who lives in the apartment building where Waide attempted to make his delivery, said, “Pizza delivery guys get jacked all the time around here.”

She said she saw a man lurking around the building Wednesday night when she returned from an errand.

“I came in, locked my door,” she said. “I heard someone say, ‘Do you have change for a 20?’ Then I heard two shots. I heard squealing tires. I looked out and saw the Domino’s car taking off.”

A short time later police arrived and began searching the scene, she said.

“This must be the ’hood,” Scott said. “I told someone at work I was going to get a gun, but they told me I just need to move out.”

Waide also must have been familiar with the apartment complex. According to voter registration records, he lived at Brentwood as recently as 2010.

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