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Auto News


Upping the ante on a 280Z

Larry Ayres figures he’s spent the better part of 20 years transforming a 1975 Datsun 280Z into a full-bore, blinding green Chevy-powered street machine with a massive supercharger sticking out of the hood.


Mike Berry: Get a jump on Christmas spirit

It’s hard to believe that exactly two months from today, we’ll be hauling tattered Christmas wrappings and bows out to the trash. We all complain about the holiday season starting too soon and wearing us out with shopping chores, but we all really enjoy it, truth be told.


Bringing a Dodge back to life

DERBY – It’s not often that a guy manages to hang on to his first car for nearly 30 years. It’s even more rare probably downright rare to find a woman who has managed the same feat.

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