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Preserving a bit of family farm history

Drew Hanson had no illusions about building a show vehicle out of the old 1958 International Harvester four-wheel drive he dragged out of a field on the family farm in north-central Kansas back in December 2000.


Sunflower Swap Meet gathers one last time

To say that last weekend’s 40th annual Sunflower Swap Meet was a bittersweet experience might qualify as the understatement of the year. It represented an amazing milestone: doing anything successfully for four decades is remarkable.


Charlie Brown gets his gasser

You couldn’t blame Charlie Brown if he was a little sensitive about his name. After all, there’s that “round-headed kid” in the comics who is always being put down by Lucy. And there was that Coasters song in the late 1950s with the lyrics, “He’s a clown, that Charlie Brown.”


Stop, hey – what’s that sound? It isn’t your engine

One of my old reporter buddies recently sent me a link to a Washington Post article about how more and more car manufacturers are relying on built-in sound systems, either mechanical or electronic, to make their engines sound better, more like a beefed up V-8.

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