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Auto News


CeJay Stadium retaining wall remembered

For more than a half century, nobody paid much attention to the low span of concrete wall. But last Saturday afternoon, the memories of the glory days of round-track racing came flooding back, as drivers recalled their wheeled skirmishes with one another on the old CeJay Stadium race track in southeast Wichita.


‘It had to be a coupe’

HUTCHINSON — When Larry Sangals arrived at the point in his life when he could finally indulge his desire to have a really cool street car, his choices came down to one of two things: a Corvette or a classic vintage coupe.


Old cars, old engines keeping the dream alive

Everyone bitten by the car bug loves a good car show, whether it’s one of the big ones occupying several city blocks or the little small town ones where the locals show off their rides. Or the Friday night cruise-ins where cool cars come and go like a scene out of “American Graffiti.”


A Corvette that spans the decades

Mark Eaton’s gorgeous 1957 Corvette roadster bridges a gap with amazing ease, combining the clean, sporty, flowing design of the original two-seater with the power and road performance of a modern Corvette Z06 chassis and drivetrain.

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