Varsity Track and Field

The century's best athletes, school by school

The idea was simple enough. Ask each Kansas high school for the name of their greatest track and field athlete.

What we should've realized was how many coaches couldn't choose between athletes, much like they couldn't choose between children.

But more than 250 coaches or athletic directors did come up with one name, which you see in this list along with the person's track speciality.

Around 100 coaches or ADs did not respond to multiple requests from The Eagle.

Andale: Gordon Stockemer, Throws

Anderson County: Darrell Erhardt, Hurdles

Andover Central: Tiffany Bias, Sprints

Andover: Charity Swartz, Distance

Arkansas City: Matt Gee, Throws

Ashland: Bill Grimes, Sprints

Atchison County: Julie Gilkison, Hurdles/Sprints

Atchison: George Ross, Sprints

Attica: Mike Heath, Jumps

Augusta: Kent Adams, Sprints

Axtell: Fred Gee, Sprints/Jumps

Baileyville: Darci Schmitz, Sprints/Jumps

Baldwin: Heather Garcia, Distance

Basehor-Linwood: Dawn Steele, Sprints/Hurdles

Belle Plaine: Amanda Callaway, Distance

Beloit St. John’s: Lindsay Eck, Hurdles

Beloit: Casey Seyfert, Throws

Berean Academy: Jon Dyck, Sprints

Bern: Nicole Grose, Sprints

Bishop Carroll: Trina Brugner, Distance

Blue Valley: Steve Dew, Hurdles/Jumps

Bluestem: Mike Harge, Sprints

Brewster: Mike Dawes, Distance

Bucklin: Kelsey Erb, Jumps

Buhler: Lorraine Davidson, Sprints

Burlingame: Mark Traphagan, Sprints

Burlington: Katie Guevel, Sprints/Hurdles

Burrton: Samantha Hurst, Distance

BV Northwest: Laura Roxberg, Distance

BV West: Sararh Buschmann, Jumps

Caldwell: Susan Neal, Distance

Campus: Brent Wiseman, Sprints/Jumps

Central Heights: Vincent Wuertz, Jumps

Centralia: Todd Polson, Sprints

Centre: Jennifer Hanschu, Sprints

Chanute: Cris Hall, Hurdles/Jumps

Chapman: Troy Williams, Sprints

Chase: Staci Keesling, Throws

Cheney: Tonya Jopp, Sprints

Cimarron: Roger Timken, Hurdles/Sprints

Claflin: Jackie Stiles, Distance

Clay Center: Ken Swenson, Distance

Clearwater: Mallory Champa, Distance

Clifton-Clyde: Shelly Bowman, Sprints

Coffeyville: Aaron Lang, Sprints

Colby: Jerry James, Distance

Coldwater: Renae Bumgarner, Hurdles

Concordia: Tabi Robbins, Throws

Conway Springs: Amy King, Sprints

Cottonwood Falls-Chase County:

Council Grove: Connie Long, Jumps

Deerfield: A.J. Beaudry, Sprints/Hurdles

Derby: Billy Campfield, Sprints

DeSoto : Casey Johnson, Distance

Dighton: Charmane Smith, Sprints/Jumps

Dodge City: Tim Robinson, Distance

Douglass: Cara Barnes, Hurdles

El Dorado: Troy Brown, Sprints/Hurdles

Elkhart: Glenn Cunningham, Distance

Ell-Saline: Mariah Jones, Jumps/Sprints

Ellis: Brenda Beecher, Sprints

Ellsworth: Shawnee Call, Hurdles/Sprints

Eudora: Emily Bullock, Hurdles

Eureka: Greg Purkeypile, Distance

Fairfield: Kristi Reinhart, Jumps

Flinthills: Garrett Breech, Sprints/Jumps

Fort Scott: Rosalyn Nelson, Sprints/Jumps

Fowler: Nick Canton, Jumps

Frankfort: Angie Miller, Throws

Fredonia: Janell Smith, Distance

Frontenac: Archie San Romani, Distance

Galena: David Qualls, Sprints

Garden City: Latisha Brown, Jumps

Garden Plain: Jim Bausch, Sprints/Throws

Gardner-Edgerton: Jeff Buckingham, Jumps

Goddard: Sharlee Beiter, Sprints/Hurdles

Goodland: Rich Felver, Sprints

Great Bend: Bobby Williams, Sprints/Jumps

Greeley County: Shad Mangan, Jumps

Greensburg: Cherith Unruh, Sprints

Grinnell: Jacque Struckhoff, Distance

Halstead: Stacy Keller, Sprints

Hartford: Pat Foraker, Distance

Haven: Brad Nachtigal, Jumps

Haviland: Harold Bryant, Hurdles/Sprints

Hays: Dale Alexander, Sprints

Herington: Marci Vansholtz, Sprints

Hesston: Justin Rempel, Distance

Highland Park: Joslyn Bentley, Sprints

Hillsboro: Angie Helmer, Sprints

Hoisington: Bill Kimble, Sprints/Hurdles

Holcomb: Melissa Henry, Jumps/Hurdles

Hope: Ann Riedy, Sprints

Horton: Lachelle Hartley, Javelin

Hutchinson Central Christian: Jonathan Hilton, Hurdles/Jumps

Hutchinson Trinity: Ryan Ketchum, Throws

Hutchinson: Morgan Bonds, Distance/Jumps

Independence: Charles Tidwell, Sprints

Inman: Jill Swisher, Jumps

Iola: Terry Catron, Sprints

Jackson Heights: Shannon Daily, Sprints/Distance

Jefferson North: Beth Sittenauer, Sprints

Jefferson West: Briar Ploude, Jumps

Junction City St. Xavier:

Junction City: Kim Milleson, Hurdles

Kapaun Mount Carmel: 1983 boys 3200 relay team

KC Harmon: Brett Starr, Sprints

KC Piper: Danyelle Cole, Sprints

KC Schlagle: Maurice Greene, Sprints

KC Turner: Keyon Harrison, Sprints

KC Washington: Wendell Gaskin, Sprints

KC Wyandotte: Steve Stubblefield, Jumps

Kingman: Justin Watkins, Sprints

Labette County: Janet Treiber, Distance

Lakeside: Mike Becker, Distance

Lansing: Dean Herzog, Jumps

Larned: Lori Reep, Sprints/Hurdles

Lawrence Free State: Alysha Valencia, Distance

Lawrence: Bill Nieder, Throws

Leavenworth Immaculata: Dick McGlinn, Sprints

Leavenworth: Melvin Lister, Jumps/Sprints

Lebo: Matt Thorne, Throws

Lenexa St. James: Bay Abbott, Distance

Leoti: Levi Gillen, Sprints/Jumps

Liberal: Melvin Sanders, Jumps

Lincoln: Leesa Wallace, Sprints

Linn: Danielle Sedivy, Sprints

Little River: Sandra Myers, Sprints

Logan: Kelly Pakkebier, Sprints

Louisburg: Jason Burke, Sprints/Jumps

Lyndon: Andrea Hoke, Throws

Lyons: Darryl Thornton, Sprints/Hurdles

Macksville: Jenna Wood, Distance

Maize: Liz Kramer, Distance

Marais Des Cygnes Valley:

Marion: Julia Zeiner, Jumps

Marysville: Kendra Wecker, Throws/Sprints

McPherson: Adam Porter, Distance

Meade: Kenneth Covert, Sprints

Medicine Lodge: Cori Christensen, Distance

Minneapolis: Lori Meredith, Sprints

Mission Valley: Ron Huske, Throws

Moscow: Brandi Broaddus, Throws

Moundridge: Mark Bartel, Sprints/Hurdles

Mulvane: Brandon Butts, Sprints

NE-Arma: Karl Wicker, Distance

Neodesha: Lane Bailey, Sprints

Newton: Henry Wiebe, Sprints

Northern Heights: Jacquelyne Leffler, Throws

Northern Valley: Travis Vallin, Sprints/Hurdles

Norton: Neal Philpot, Throws

Norwich: Lori Lowrey, Hurdles

Oberlin: Sam Francis, Throws

Olathe East: Danielle McCray, Throws/Jumps

Olathe North: Eniak Mpwo, Sprints

Olathe Northwest: Katlyn Merrill, Jumps

Olathe South: Amanda Pape, Distance

Onaga: Janet Haskin, Distance

Osage City: Anna Stadel, Sprints/Throws

Osborne: Jolene Mick, Distance

Oskaloosa: Lisa Cropper, Jumps

Ottawa: Kathy Hodges, Distance

Palco: Wesley Landis, Sprints/Jumps

Paola: Joe Stephens, Hurdles/Sprints

Pawnee Heights: Christian Smith, Distance

Perry-Lecompton: Heidi Yost, Jumps

Phillipsburg: John Mason, Distance

Pike Valley: Keith Blanding, Sprints/Jumps

Pittsburg Colgan: Charlie Gilmore, Sprints

Plainville: Aubrey Frederking, Distance

Pleasant Ridge: Kirk Culbertson, Throws

Pleasanton: Amy Allen, Sprints/Jumps

Pomona: Dakota Criqui, Distance

Pratt Skyline: Kari Jones, Jumps/Throws

Pratt: Ashley Melichar, Sprints

Protection: Nathan Leeper, Jumps

Quinter: Scott Huffman, Jumps

Quivira Heights: Mike Lumpkins, Sprints/Jumps

Rawlins County: Cristy Ruda, Sprints

Remington: Kris Sommers, Hurdles/Jumps

Riley County: Amy Mortimer, Distance

Riverton: Monte Weathers, Sprints

Rock Hills: Sam Colson, Throws

Rolla: Junior Vasquez, Distance

Rose Hill: Tracy Ames, Jumps

Russell: Andrea Holloway, Throws

Sabetha: Mike Spielman, Distance

Salina Central: Ashley Keats, Sprints/Jumps

Salina Sacred Heart: Jim Neihouse, Distance

Salina South: Alyson Deckert, Distance

Scott City: Jennifer Gruver, Hurdles/Jumps

SE-Cherokee: Nick Renfro, Hurdles

SE-Saline: Steve Fritz, Jumps/Hurdles

Sedgwick: Brian Moorman, Hurdles

Sharon Springs: Hallie Kuhlman, Sprints

Shawnee Heights: Trisa Nickoley, Distance

Shawnee Maranatha: Zachary Zarda, Distance

Shawnee Mill Valley: Justin Woods, Sprints

Silver Lake: Cary Deiter, Sprints

SM East: Doug Hedrick, Hurdles/Sprints

SM North: Bob Bornkessell, Hurdles

SM Northwest: Steve Fein, Distance

SM South: Clint Johnson, Throws

SM West: Cathy Saxon, Distance

Smoky Valley: Tim Bishop, Distance

South Central: Bryce Reimer, Sprints

Southwestern Heights: Jon Handy, Distance

Spearville: Melanie McDaniel, Sprints/Jumps

Spring Hill: Allison Key, Sprints

St. Francis: Jenny Cassidy, Distance

St. Marys: Jeanette Mott, Sprints/Distance

St. Paul: Natalie Noe, Sprints

St. Thomas Aquinas: Drew Morano, Sprints

Stafford: Jon McClure, Distance

Stanton County: Dody Martin, Distance

Sterling: Rene Zimmerman, Hurdles/Jumps

Stockton: Joel McReynolds, Sprints/Jumps

Sublette: Shalee Lehning, Sprints/Throws

Syracuse: Barry Brown, Sprints/Hurdles

Thomas More Prep: Kim Haberman, Sprints/Jumps

Thunder Ridge: Spencer Levin, Throws

Tipton: Brian Zachgo, Sprints/Hurdles

Tonganoxie: Roxie Grizzle, Throws

Topeka Hayden: Dan O’Mara, Throws/Sprints

Topeka Seaman: Julie Howerton, Distance

Topeka West: Lori Green, Sprints

Topeka: Clardy Vinson, Distance

Troy: Terry Karn, Jumps

Ulysses: Jill Wood, Distance

Uniontown: Abbie Smith, Hurdles/Jumps

Valley Center: Brandon Clark, Sprints/Jumps

Valley Falls: Tyson Allen, Jumps

Valley Heights: Lacey Palmateer, Throws

Victoria: Rachelle Geist, Throws

Wabaunsee: Larry Schwalm, Sprints/Hurdles

WaKeeney: Robert Spies, Sprints/Jumps

Wakefield: Kristi Kitchner, Jumps

Wathena: Tonya Drake, Hurdles

Wellington: Tim Lira, Sprints

Wellsville: Emily Bloss, Sprints

Weskan: Todd Okeson, Jumps

West Elk: Sonny Lee, Sprints/Jumps

West Franklin: Rose Griffin, Sprints/Hurdles

Western Plains: Nolan Cromwell, Sprints/Jumps

Wheatland: Cheryl Ladenburger, Sprints

Wichita Collegiate: Matt Norton, Sprints/Distance

Wichita East: Jim Ryun, Distance

Wichita Heights: 2005 boys 3200 relay team

Wichita Independent: Richard Cairns, Sprints

Wichita North: Bob Barratti, Distance

Wichita Northwest: Robbie Martinez-Garcia, Distance

Wichita South: Veryl Crawford, Jumps

Wichita Southeast: Sylvester Cowans, Hurdles/Sprints

Wichita Trinity: Cooper Hanning, Hurdles/Sprints

Wichita West: Tyrone Watkins, Sprints

Williamsburg: Shanna Shoemaker, Jumps

Wilson: John Kuck, Throws

Winfield: Floyd Shaw, Sprints.