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All-League Softball: The Wichita area’s best headline the coaches’ 2019 teams

Maize South hangs on for one-run quarterfinal win to reach state softball semis

The Maize South High School softball team beat Blue Valley Southwest 7-6 in its 2019 Kansas Class 5A state quarterfinal matchup.
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The Maize South High School softball team beat Blue Valley Southwest 7-6 in its 2019 Kansas Class 5A state quarterfinal matchup.

With All-Metro selections around the corner, the Wichita area coaches have released their All-League teams.

Here are the picks from the City League, AVCTL, Central Plains League and Central Kansas League:

City League

bishop carroll high school softball gabby eck
Bishop Carroll’s Gabby Eck Hayden Barber The Wichita Eagle

Coach of the Year

Steve Harshberger - Bishop Carroll

First Team

Reagan Smith - Bishop Carroll, Pitcher, Jr.

Kaylin Watkins - Bishop Carroll, Pitcher, Sr.

Tadum Soetaert - Wichita Northwest, Catcher, Sr.

Annalee Kealey - Wichita Heights, First baseman, Fr.

Gabby Eck - Bishop Carroll, Infield, So.

Kayli Dryden - Wichita Northwest, Infield, Sr.

Isabel Marcotte - Bishop Carroll, Third baseman, Sr.

Lexi Dryden - Wichita Northwest, Outfield, Sr.

Alexis Hill - Wichita East, Outfield, jr.

Hadley Kerschen - Bishop Carroll, Outfield, Sr.

Maya Hall - Wichita East, Utility, Sr.

Payton Shoenfeld - Bishop Carroll, Utility, Sr.

Second Team

Allison Johnson - Wichita North, Pitcher, So.

hannah Jaynt - Wichita Northwest, Pitcher, So.

Grace Johnson - Wichita North, Catcher, Sr.

Evan Dalian - Kapaun Mt. Carmel, First baseman, So.

Ali Nye - Kapaun Mt. Carmel, Infield, So.

C’Aundra Parker - Wichita South, Infield, Sr.

Josie Deckinger - Wichita Northwest, Third baseman, Jr.

Carmen Mealman - Wichita Heights, Outfield, So.

Lucy Mwangi - Wichita North, Outfield, Sr.

Arianna Roach - Wichita South, Outfield, So.

Laticia Garcia - Wichita West, Utility, So.

Elizabeth Hunt - Kapaun Mt. Carmel, Designated player, So.

Honorable Mention

Ella Anciaux - Kapaun Mt. Carmel, Pitcher, So.

Linda Bonilla - Wichita Northwest, Pitcher, Jr.

Annabelle McLaughlin - Wichita East, Pitcher, So.

Justine Sutherland - Wichita Southeast, Pitcher, So.

Madison Thill - Wichita South, Pitcher, Jr.

Macie Briggs - Kapaun Mt. Carmel, Catcher, So.

Aiyanna Fox - Wichita East, Catcher, Sr.

Amber Haskins - Wichita Heights, Catcher, Sr.

Eve Morris - Bishop Carroll, Catcher, Fr.

Kayle Muniz - Wichita West, Catcher, Fr.

Ella Witt - Wichita Southeast, Catcher, So.

Matilda Jimenez - Wichita West, First baseman

Bethany Orchard - Wichita Southeast, First baseman, Jr.

Leslie Retana - Wichita North, First baseman, Fr.

Caiya Stucky - Wichita Northwest, First baseman, Fr.

Megan Fleming - Wichita North, Infield, Sr.

Kendall Forbes - Bishop Carroll, Infield

Shakaya Hutton - Wichita West, Infield, So.

Payton O’Donnell - Wichita Heights, Infield, Sr.

Olivia Wilber - Kapaun Mt. Carmel, Infield, So.

Dakota DeFehr - Wichita North, Third baseman, So.

Kortney Medley - Wichita Heights, Third baseman, So.

Laci Dryden - Wichita Northwest, Outfield, Fr.

Emma Green - Bishop Carroll, Outfield, So.

Bryant Peppard - Bishop Carroll, Outfield, So.

Heaven Salinas - Wichita North, Outfield, Jr.

Taylor Sweat - Kapaun Mt. Carmel, Outfield, Jr.

Katie Wentworth - Kapaun Mt. Carmel, Outfield, Jr.

Kacie White - Kapaun Mt. Carmel, Outfield, Fr.

Emma Bezdek - Kapaun Mt. Carmel, Utility, Fr.

Michaela Cruz - Wichita North, Utility, Fr.

Elizabeth Hunt - Kapaun Mt. Carmel, Utility, So.

Day’z Putman - Wichita West, Designated player


maize high school softball mckensy glass
Maize’s McKensy Glass Hayden Barber The Wichita Eagle

Player of the Year

Madi Young - Derby, Sr.

Coach of the Year

Christy Weve - Derby

First Team

Paige Paxton - Derby, Pitcher, So.

Riley Wertz - Maize, Pitcher, So.

Jenna Henderson - Salina South, Pitcher, So.

Bailie Stanley - Campus, Catcher, Sr.

Halle Rico - Derby, First baseman, Jr.

Sophie Martins - Campus, Second baseman, So.

Amber Howe - Derby, Third baseman, So.

Madi Young - Derby, Short stop, Sr.

Courtney Cline - Derby, Outfield, Sr.

Emily Peaney - Newton, Outfield, Sr.

Lauryn Johnson - Campus, Outfield, Sr.

Sophia Buzard - Maize, Outfield, Jr.

Reese Altman - Salina South, Designated hitter, So.

McKensy Glass - Maize, Utility, Jr.

Second Team

Sophia Depew - Derby, Pitcher, Fr.

Delie Stanley - Campus, Pitcher, Jr.

Riley Lusk - Hutchinson, Pitcher, Fr.

Lexi Williams - Hutchinson, Catcher, Sr.

Aspen Conner - Hutchinson, First baseman, Sr.

Gabby Martin - Derby, Second baseman, So.

Toria Thaw - Newton, Third baseman, So.

Mallory Seirer - Newton, Short stop, So.

Mariah Wheeler - Derby, Outfield, Jr.

Makayla Chavez - Campus, Outfield, Sr.

Devynn Raile - Maize, Outfield, So.

Mataya Copes - Salina South, Outfield, Jr.

Alexis Enslinger - Derby, Designated hitter, Jr.

Faith Bannister - Campus, Utility, Jr.

Honorable Mention

Lauryn Johnson - Campus, Pitcher, Sr.

Sophia Martins - Campus, Pitcher, So.

Tatum Haney - Derby, Catcher, Sr.

Gracie Rains - Newton, Catcher, Fr.

Chloe Bartlett - Maize, Catcher, Fr.

Madi Bowen - Maize, First baseman, Fr.

Peyton Froome - Salina South, First baseman, Jr.

Kailee O’Connor - Salina Central, Second baseman, Jr.

Emily Kvasnicka - Salina Central, Third baseman, So.

Abby Miller - Salina South, Short stop, Jr.

Olivia Sandavol - Newton, Outfield, Fr.

Brianna Reeves - Derby, Outfield, Sr.

McKenna Cusick - Newton, Utility, Fr.

Teegan Krol - Hutchinson, Utility, Jr.


goddard high school softball sydni williams
Goddard’s Sydni Williams Hayden Barber The Wichita Eagle

Player of the Year

Lauren Johnson - Maize South, Sr.

Coach of the Year

Mike Tinich - Maize South

First Team

Kendal LeGrand - Goddard, Pitcher, So.

Ashlie Thissen - Maize South, Pitcher, Sr.

Allyson Montgomery - Eisenhower, Pitcher, So.

Emma Edwards - Maize South, Catcher, Fr.

Kalei Cline - Andover Central, Catcher, Jr.

Kelsey Daniel - Arkansas City, First baseman, Sr.

Emme Yost - Goddard, Second baseman, Sr.

Gentry Shepherd - Goddard, Third baseman, Sr.

Espy Daniels - Arkansas City, Short stop, Jr.

Kinley Poynter - Goddard, Short stop, Jr.

Lauren Johnson - Maize South, Outfield, Sr.

Emma Furnish - Eisenhower, Outfield, Jr.

Jessie Ornelas - Goddard, Outfield, Jr.

Alexis Mastin - Eisenhower, Outfield, Fr.

Emma Pabst - Eisenhower, Designated hitter, So.

Sydni Williams - Goddard, Utility, Jr.

Second Team

Carley Sterneker - Maize South, Pitcher, Jr.

Hadley Colquhoun - Arkansas City, Pitcher, So.

Lindsay Dexter - Eisenhower, Pitcher, Jr.

Maci Ostrom - Valley Center, Catcher, So.

Emma Anderson - Valley Center, First baseman, So.

Eliza Grady - Valley Center, Second baseman, jr.

Calli McConnell - Eisenhower, Third baseman, Fr.

Kylie Forney - Andover, Third baseman, Fr.

Faith Denning - Eisenhower, Short stop, Sr.

Katie Boline - Andover Central, Outfield, Jr.

Maggie Musson - Arkansas City, Outfield, Jr.

Kate Paulson - Andover Central, Outfield, So.

Kelsey Brunton - Valley Center, Outfield, Fr.

Amanda Dodds - Andover Central, Designated hitter, Sr.

Menley Westoff - Arkansas City, Utility, Jr.

Honorable Mention

Tess Eubank - Andover, Pitcher, So.

Talley Cole - Eisenhower, Catcher, Jr.

Cady Dickey - Arkansas City, Catcher, Fr.

Shay Martinez - Goddard, Catcher, Sr.

Brittany Gosch - Eisenhower, First baseman, So.

Kate Ralston - Andover, First baseman, So.

Ali Hickerson - Andover Central, Second baseman, So.

Riley Kennedy - Maize South, Second baseman, So.

Hannah Weber - Eisenhower, Second baseman, Fr.

Alyssa Kerr - Maize South, Third baseman, Sr.

Cheyenne Blackwood - Valley Center, Short stop, Fr.

Kaydyn Davidson - Maize South, Short stop, Jr.

Kirsten Birdwell - Arkansas City, Outfield, Sr.

Brooklyn Strobel - Andover Central, Outfield, Sr.

Torri Vang - Goddard, Outfield, Sr.

Mallory Feather - Valley Center, Outfield, Jr.


augusta high school softball gracie johnston
Augusta’s Gracie Johnston Hayden Barber The Wichita Eagle

League MVP

Gracie Johnston - Augusta, Sr.

Coach of the Year

Jamie VanDever - Augusta

First Team

Allie Ebenkamp - Augusta, First baseman, Jr.

Marti Merz - Augusta, Second baseman, Jr.

Hunter Dreifort - Circle, Third baseman, Sr.

Sophie Johnston - Augsuta, Catcher, Jr.

Mirah Gillmartin - Circle, Designated player, Jr.

Bailey Pennycuff - Augusta, Outfield, Sr.

Cheyenne Collins - Circle, Outfield, jr.

Taylor Bruce - McPherson, Outfield, Jr.

Morgan Pennycuff - Augusta, Outfield, So.

Gracie Johnston - Augsuta, Pitcher, Sr.

Aleigha Gale - Winfield, Pitcher, Jr.

Addie Fitzmorris - McPherson, Pitcher, Sr.

Jadyn Jackson - Augusta, Short stop, So.

Lexee Hughey - El Dorado, Utility, Jr.

Second Team

Ali Tate, Winfield, First baseman, Jr.

Tessa Irwin - Winfield, Second baseman, Fr.

Kourtney Divine - Augusta, Third baseman, Sr.

Annalise Young - El Dorado, Catcher, Sr.

Arianna Potter - McPherson, Catcher, Jr.

Shyanna Fromm - Winfield, Designated player, So.

Emma Schumacher - Winfield, Outfield, So.

Tess Ruggles - Winfield, Outfield, So.

Mallory Parsons - El Dorado, Outfield, Jr.

Mikayla Konrade - Winfield, Outfield, Fr.

Morgan Pennycuff - Augusta, Pitcher, So.

Jamison McCaig - El Dorado, Pitcher, So.

Reagan Strecker - Circle, Pitcher, So.

Haley Gedrose - Winfield, Short stop, So.

Katie Fox - El Dorado, Short stop, Jr.

Taylor Casebeer - McPherson, Utility, So.

Honorable Mention

Belle Garcia - Buhler, First baseman, Sr.

Jordan Hammer - Circle, First baseman, Sr.

Jessie Nibarger - Circle, Second baseman, Sr.

Naveya Gardner - Winfield, Third baseman, So.

Brylea Teufel - Buhler, Third baseman, Sr.

Lexee Hughey - El Dorado, Third baseman, Jr.

Ella Meseke - Winfield, Catcher, So.

Kelsi Hilger - Buhler, Catcher, Sr.

Paige Staggs - Buhler, Outfield, Sr.

Maggie McLean - Buhler, Outfield, Sr.

Emma Willison - Buhler, Pitcher, Jr.

Calynn Lindbloom - Buhler, Pitcher, So.

Haley Miller - Buhler, Short stop, Jr.

Brette Doile - McPherson, Short stop, Fr.

Cheyenne Phlman - Augusta, Utility, Jr.


andale/garden plain high school softball kyla eck
Andale/Garden Plain’s Kyla Eck Hayden Barber The Wichita Eagle

League MVP

Macie Eck - Andale/Garden Plain, Sr.

Coach of the Year

Chuck Schrader - Andale/Garden Plain

First Team

Brooke McCorkle - Wellington, First baseman, Sr.

Kyla Eck - Andale/Garden Plain, Second baseman, So.

Rylee Rusk - Wellington, Third baseman, So.

Abby Gordon - Andale/Garden Plain, Catcher, Jr.

Rachel Choate - Andale/Garden Plain, Designated player, Jr.

Macie Eck - Andale/Garden Plain, Outfield, Sr.

Briona Woods - Clearwater, Outfield, So.

Anna Berblinger - Andale/Garden Plain, Outfield, So.

Kylie Horsch - Andale/Garden Plain, Outfield, Jr.

Rachel Choate - Andale/Garden Plain, Pitcher, Jr.

Sydney Adler - Rose Hill, Pitcher, Sr.

Brooke McCorkle - Wellington, Pitcher, Sr.

Madison Grimes - Andale/Garden Plain, Short stop, Jr.

Kaydran Russell - Mulvane, Utility, Jr.

Second Team

Ashton Winter - Andale/Garden Plain, First baseman, So.

Sydney Adler - Rose Hill, Second baseman, Sr.

Morgan Bruna - Andale/Garden Plain, Third baseman, Jr.

Makenzie Haslett - Clearwater, Catcher, So.

Rylie Baker - Rose Hill, Designated player, Jr.

Kylee Dunn - Rose Hill, Outfield, Sr.

Lexie Clift - Wellington, Outfield, So.

Jaden Chickadonz - Rose Hill, Outfield, Jr.

Chloe Middleton - Clearwater, Outfield, So.

Macie McCray - Clearwater, Pitcher, So.

Alyssa Mude - Andale/Garden Plain, Pitcher, Fr.

Emily Adler - Rose Hill, Short stop, Sr.

Kaitlyn Hain - Wellington, Utility, Fr.

Honorable Mention

Madison Simoneau - Clearwater, First baseman, Jr.

Izy Cain - Rose Hill, Second baseman, Jr.

Calista Willig - Rose Hill, Third baseman, Jr.

McKenna Jones - Wellington, Catcher, Jr.

Aspen Goetz - Rose Hill, Catcher, So.

Emma Willis - Clearwater, Designated player, So.

Jacelyn Buck - Wellington, Short stop, Sr.

Ireland Cotton - Clearwater, Short stop, So.

Kyndall Clevenger - Clearwater, Utility, So.

Central Plains League

cheney high school softball
Cheney’s Taryn Lonker Hayden Barber The Wichita Eagle

First Team

Korri Lies - Cheney, Pitcher, Fr.

Ella Holden - Chaparral, Pitcher, So.

Carlie Kelley - Kingman, Pitcher, Jr.

Myra Megli - Douglass, Catcher, So.

Rietta Thomas - Medicine Lodge, Catcher, So.

Brianne Garrison - Kingman, First baseman, Sr.

Alex Schriener - Kingman, Second baseman, Fr.

Hayley Belt - Kingman, Third baseman, Sr.

Brooklyn Hernandez - Medicine Lodge, Designated hitter, Sr.

Maggie Mathes - Chaparral, Short stop, Sr.

Aly Hageman - Kingman, Short stop, Fr.

Kylee Scheer - Cheney, Outfield, So.

Jaycee Patton - Medicine Lodge, Outfield, Jr.

J’Lynne Stolsworth - Chaparral, Outfield, Sr.

Taryn Lonker - Cheney, Utility, Sr.

Honorable Mention

Tori Fischer - Medicine Lodge, Pitcher, Jr.

Bailey Taylor - Kingman, Catcher, Sr.

Katelyn Moore - Douglass, First baseman, Sr.

Destinee O’Shea - Cheney, Third baseman, Sr.

Greely Munroe - Douglass, Short stop, Sr.

Raven McPherson, Belle Plaine, Short stop, Jr.

Madison England - Medicine Lodge, Short stop, Sr.

Lexi Cline - Cheney, Outfield, So.

Alexa Smith - Kingman, Outfield, Sr.

Halley Jones - Cheney, Utility, So.

Kyla Alojacin - Medicine Lodge, Utility, Sr.

Tamara Lozoya - Chaparral, Utility, Fr.

Central Kansas League

First Team

Maguire Estill - Haven, Pitcher, So. (Unanimous)

Taylor Boxberger - Hoisington, Pitcher, Jr. (Unanimous)

Kami Theis - Pratt, Pitcher, So.

Lauren Barnes - Smoky Valley, Pitcher, Jr.

Skylar Eidson - Hoisington, Catcher, Sr.

Lynzi Myrick - Larned, First baseman, Jr.

Erin Jackson - Pratt, Second baseman, So.

Brianna Cruz - Pratt, Third baseman, Sr. (Unanimous)

Madalynn Wilson - Pratt, Short stop, Sr.

Kassidy Nixon - Hoisington, Outfield, Fr.

Jenna Fincham - Pratt, Outfield, Sr.

Kylie Hefling - Haven, Outfield, Jr.

Alea Makings - Larned, Outfield, Sr.

Madi Tolle - Smoky Valley, Designated hitter, Fr.

Brooke Brawner - Haven, Utility, So.

Second Team

Brooke Brawner - Haven, Pitcher, So.

Logan Griffitt - Lyons, Pitcher, Sr.

Kassidy Nixon - Hoisington, Pitcher, Fr.

Skylre Stucky - Hillsboro, Pitcher, Fr.

Jayden Rehlander - Nickerson, Pitcher, Fr.

Morgan Rogers - Pratt, Catcher, Sr.

Gracie Aylard - Hoisington, First baseman, Fr.

Emily Robl - Lyons, Second baseman, So.

Trinity Dolezal - Hoisington, Third baseman, Sr.

Dani Klein - Hillsboro, Short stop, So.

Lindsey Gerlach - Smoky Valley, Outfield, Sr.

Madyson Beckett - Halstead, Outfield, Sr.

Sierra Nisly - Haven, Outfield, Sr.

Brianna Russell - Lyons, Outfield, So.

Livia Swift - Pratt, Designated player, Fr.

Cheyenne Bernhardt - Hillsboro, Utility, Sr.

Honorable Mention

Solle Werner - Halstead, First baseman, Sr.

Callie Considine - Halstead, Utility, Sr.

Kaylie Kincaid - Haven, Catcher, Jr.

Hannah Ferguson - Hesston - Outfield, Jr.

Rylie Schilling - Hesston, Utility, Sr.

Trinity Malm - Hillsboro, Outfield, Sr.

Tuesday Weisbeck - Hillsboro, First baseman, Sr.

Reese Hefley - Hillsboro, Second baseman, Fr.

Jenna Urban - Hoisington, Second baseman, Jr.

Kadence Urban - Hoisington, Outfield, Fr.

Baylea Perez - Larned, Third baseman, Sr.

Ivory Muldrow - Larned, Outfield, Sr.

Ashley Fierro - Lyons, Catcher, Sr.

Brooke Engelland - Nickerson, Designated player, Sr.

Kaitlyn Daines - Nickerson, Catcher, Fr.

Brylee Engelland - Nicerson, Short stop, Sr.

Cami Bass - Nickerson, Second baseman, So.

Lexi Walker - Pratt, Outfield, Fr.

Allisan McGowan - Pratt, First baseman, Sr.

Addison Haiden - Smoky Valley, First baseman, Sr.

Kira Haxton - Smoky Valley, Short stop, Sr.

Claire Broxterman - Smoky Valley, Catcher, So.

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