Varsity Soccer

Getting to know: Andover Central senior soccer player Bryce Fimreite

Andover Central soccer player Bryce Fimreite poses before practice Thursday.
Andover Central soccer player Bryce Fimreite poses before practice Thursday. The Wichita Eagle

Andover Central opened its season 3-0, with a boost from senior left forward Bryce Fimreite. Fimreite scored the Jaguars’ first two goals in a 5-0 victory over Winfield, then had a goal and four assists in a 10-0 victory over Augusta. Fimreite discusses his role with the experienced Jaguars, who were third in Class 4-1A last season.

Coach (Steven) Huskey says you are probably the most intense of all his players during games. Is that a soccer thing or a life thing?

I think it has a lot to do with the soccer aspect of it. Whenever we go into games or even during our summer scrimmages, I’ve tried to put it all out there. I believe a lot in the team aspect. Us having a really good team really allows people to show their true potential in a game, and it comes from the opportunities we’ve been given.”

Your team has 11 seniors and 15 players back from a state tournament qualifier. What’s the biggest benefit of all that experience and are there any drawbacks?

“To start on the second part, I couldn’t see any drawbacks except maybe for the next couple years. It won’t really affect the class I’m in, but it could be a rough transition because we don’t have a huge team. But it’s in good hands with Coach and we have some good up-and-coming players. For now, we’ve obviously been playing together for a long time, so we know how we work. We can build off of it during a game and outside of it, too. We all get along really well, and I think that’s a really big deal.”

The Jaguars played a lot of overtime games last season, and had better luck down the stretch. What was the key to that?

“I think a lot of it was in our heads. At the beginning of the season, there was probably a thought that we couldn’t do it, and so we didn’t do it. Later on, I think we realized that what we had was a pretty good team. Once we figured out that we could start beating the bigger teams and that we had enough skill and really worked well together, we realized what we could do.”

How has your mindset as a forward evolved over your time at Central?

“We have a lot of skill up front and really all around. I’ve definitely been able to play with (forward) Jackson (Lewallen) on the right side. We know what kinds of runs that we’re looking for and how we play individually. With that, I’ve been able to not focus so much on the one-v.-one thing. Once I get the ball in the final third, Coach has been telling us the past few years that’s the time to do whatever you want. When I was younger and first starting, I looked at like, ‘That’s when I get to shoot.’ But now I look at it like let’s just get it into the net no matter how it happens. We can use anyone who needs to be used.”