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VK Student Section Power Ranks: Holy War brings a new No. 1 to Wichita

The Wichita Eagle

1. carroll ss banner.png

Last Week: NR

Carroll was technically on the road in the Holy War, but the Golden Eagles had a bigger crowd and threw a dagger “20 years” chant in the closing seconds.

2. kapaun.png ss banner

Last Week: 2

Kapaun has the premier student section leaders and even front row in the Wichita area. The Crusaders need more of a cohesive effort to get back to the top

3. Derby.png

Last Week: 4

Derby students drove an hour north to watch their team win 63-0 and raised money for a cause in the process.

4. goddard ss banner.png

Last Week: 1

Goddard dropped in the rankings but not as far as I expected playing at Valley Center. The Lions have a lot of passion and creativity.

5. andover ss banner.png

Last Week: 3

This was the theme of the week. That alone keeps Andover in the top 5. The creativity was excellent as well, but I needed more content sent to me.

Andover greek

6. newton ss banner.png

Last Week: 7

Newton deserves to go higher than No. 6, but I needed more photos and videos, and the Railers needed the top 5 to not be as good as they were.

7. campus ss banner.png

Last Week: 6

Campus, like Newton, falls victim to a strong top half of the Week 6 rankings. The Colts brought it for blackout and added creativity, too.

8. andover central ss banner.png

Last Week: 5

I love versatility in my student sections. Andover Central supports its undefeated soccer team like it does for its 2-4 football team.

9. valley center.png

Last Week: 9

A nice, compact showing for Valley Center at home. If the Hornets keep this up, they will have to climb up the ranks.

10. mcpherson ss banner.png

Last Week: 14

Last week, the McPherson students showed out in Buhler. They got their shot at home this week and didn’t disappoint.

11. eisenhower ss banner.png

Last Week: NR

Eisenhower was back home in Week 6. Although the Tigers didn’t have a lot to cheer about, they did anyway and that’s commendable.

12. andale ss banner.png

Last Week: NR

Aliyah Funschelle was on hand to see the Andale faithful in Week 6. Although they didn’t get a good game, they were live for a 55-0 win.

13. cleaerwater ss banner.png

Last Week: NR

I’m not sure whether there is a student section in this top photo, but regardless, Clearwater’s stadium was packed in Week 6.

14. trinity academy ss banner.png

Last Week: 12

Trinity Academy is winless, but its student section continues to make the 30-minute drives to watch its team on the road.

15. wellington ss banner.png

Last Week:

The Crusaders have become one of the more promising teams in the Wichita area, and the students are reflecting that.

Dropped Out

  • Wichita Northwest (7)
  • Maize (10)
  • Circle (11)
  • Augusta (15)