Varsity Football

Conway Springs scores 98 points in season-opening win over Belle Plaine

Conway Springs coach Matt Biehler never imagined his team coming two points from scoring 100 points in a game.

But that was the reality on Friday night when Conway Springs put the finishing touches on a 98-18 victory over Belle Plaine to start the season with a program record for points scored in a game.

While the Cardinals were able to score 98 points and account for 729 yards of total offense, they did so in just 38 plays. That’s better than 19 yards every time Conway Springs snapped the ball.

“We never thought we would be able to do anything like that,” Biehler said by phone after the game. “The kids executed the play that was drawn up for them and we had a lot of big, explosive plays.”

Conway Springs led 66-12 at halftime, then tacked on four more touchdowns in the second half. The Cardinals attempted only one pass, which resulted in a 65-yard touchdown in the first quarter.

Trenton Jones (181), Riley Akiu (160), and Colton Terhune (156) all finished the game with more than 150 rushing yards, as they combined to average 22.6 yards per touch.

The starters were pulled early in the third quarter, but the Cardinals’ backups scored three more times. Biehler said it was not intentional and points out all three touchdowns were scored from more than 30 yards from the end zone.

“We ran 90 percent of our plays between the tackles,” Biehler said. “Our kids just executed well and came off the ball fast and played hard. When the kids got in the open field, they just continued to run. It’s one of those things where we just executed one of our basic plays really well and they ran hard.”

Belle Plaine coach Jason Jinkens said that Conway Springs “was not unsportsmanlike in any way” and said his defense “just couldn’t get stops.”

The Dragons were led by Bo Gooch, who completed 20 passes for 250 yards and three touchdowns. Tristen Warren caught three passes for 112 yards, while Taylor Douglass, Caleb Stover, and Eli Wiseman all caught touchdown passes.