Varsity Kansas

The Varsity Kansas student section rankings (Oct. 1)


1. Kapaun Mt. Carmel Crusaders (LW: 1)

It was jersey night at Cessna Stadium, as the Kapaun student section sported a lot of different numbers but the only one that mattered was the No. 1. The Crusaders retain their No. 1 spot because they have consistently brought big numbers every Friday night, they have awesome signs like this one, and they do creative things like have a former boxing champ come in for the knockout. They’ve set the bar extremely high, can they keep the top spot for a third straight week with another home game this Friday?

2. Derby Panthers (LW: 3)

Nickname: “The Den”

Derby has taken advantage of three straight home games, as The Den had its third straight spectacular showing with this week’s game against Bishop Carroll. The Den went with the super hero theme and absolutely killed it with their front row and all dressing up as different super heroes. It’s rare to see that kind of commitment, but Derby is always able to pull off the big stunts. The Den has been excellent through the first five weeks, but we’ll see how they do with their longest road trip this coming Friday with a road game at Salina Central.

3. Campus Colts (LW: 6)

Nickname: “The Screamin’ Stampede”

The Campus student section has been rowdy all season long and the Screamin’ Stampede is moving up in the rankings after a big showing at home against Andover. Campus went with the toga theme, complete with a topical Greek sign. The Colt Express was back in business and it looked like the student section was rocking all night, as its football team picked up a huge win to improve to 3-2. And to top it all off, they even had an officer lead the “I Believe We Will Win” chant. Campus is moving back up in the top three — how far can the Colts climb? They’ll have two straight weeks of road games, so we shall see.

4. Andover Trojans (LW: 2)

Nickname: “The Blue Crew”

The Blue Crew was tasked with a road trip to Haysville this week and they turned it into a denim theme and came through with a quality “We Denim Boyz” sign to go along with it. Solid work with a creative theme, but I was surprised to not see as many numbers out for what was a pivotal game for the Andover football team. The Blue Crew has plenty of quality weeks in the bank and should be in for a big week this Friday with a home game against Newton.

5. Newton Railers (LW: 8)

Nickname: “The Tron”

It was Homecoming night in Newton and The Tron went all out with their Railer pride last Friday night. The Newton student section has been crazy all season long and their consistency has paid off this week, as they move into the top-five. Newton came away with a big win to the delight of the crowd this past Friday, but can it get a big-time victory on the road in Andover? The atmosphere should be electric with two of the best student sections going head-to-head.

6. Goddard Lions (LW: 4)

Nickname: “The Den”

We’ve already seen what Goddard’s Den can do on road trips after they conquered a 3-hour trip to Olathe in Week 1 this season. The Den came through with another solid effort this week with a road trip to Salina, as Goddard went with the pajama’s theme and had some nice signs to go along with it (”We’ll count the score while you count sheep” was my personal favorite”). Goddard picks up points for another solid road trip, but it has another long one this Friday with a trip down to Arkansas City.

7. Bishop Carroll Golden Eagles (LW: 9)

It was a big showing for the Carroll student section in a cross-town road game in Derby, as both student sections were rocking in what was one of most entertaining games I have been to in awhile. Carroll went all-out with the Christmas theme and had another excellent banner in front of their section, as well as Christmas music going and then a trip on their sleighs. Carroll is moving back up in the rankings with a home game this week against South.

8. Valley Center Hornets (LW: 7)

Nickname: “The Hornet’s Nest”

The Hornet’s Nest went with the pajama’s theme, as they put the Hays Indians to sleep and their football team improved to 5-0 on the season. Valley Center took the theme as far as having a breakfast party before the game and it looked like the student section was going crazy all game. Valley Center will have two straight road trips to Goddard in the coming weeks.

9. Maize Eagles (LW: 5)

Nickname: “The Nest”

Maize had a difficult road trip to Arkansas City this week, but it looked like The Nest still had a solid outing to watch their football team improve to 4-1 on the season. Not sure what the theme was for The Nest, but I do love the kid in the front staring off into the distance with the red mask on. Maize gets a big home game against Campus this Friday.

10. East Blue Aces (LW: 15)

Nickname: “East High Hecklers”

In its best showing of the season, East shoots up the rankings after an awesome High School Gameday broadcast with a lot of great signage, including a tribute to Hugh Hefner, the world-is-flat joke one, and “Israel Barnes can’t save you now.” Plus the hosts of High School Gameday gave plenty of scaldering hot takes before the game. The Hecklers have some momentum, but can they make the drive to Great Bend this Friday to maintain their Top 10 position?

11. Eisenhower Tigers (LW: 10)

Nickname: “The Zoo”

12. Northwest Grizzlies (LW: 12)

13. Heights Falcons (LW: 14)

Ain’t no party like a Falcon party cuz a Falcon party don’t stop. Plus, Heights now has one of its student section leaders running for Kansas govenor. Heights is another student section on the rise.

14. Maize South Mavericks (LW: 13)

Nickname: “Maverick Maniacs”

15. Andover Central Jaguars (LW: 11)

Nickname: “The Jungle”

16. Southeast Buffaloes (LW: UR)

Nickname: “The Herd”

Southeast makes its debut in the rankings and it’s safe to say that if it keeps bringing the ruckus like they did last Friday, then The Herd will quickly be moving up in the rankings.

17. Hutchinson Salthawks (LW: 16)

Nickname: “The Squawk Block”

x. Arkansas City Bulldogs (LW: 17)



1. Circle Thunderbirds (LW: 2)

Nickname: “The Bird Cage Crew”

2. Augusta Orioles (LW: 1)

Nickname: “The O’s Zone”

3. Douglass Bulldogs (LW: 4)

Nickname: “The Kennel”

4. Trinity Academy Knights (LW: 5)

Nickname: “TA Spirit Section”

5. Hesston Swathers (LW: 6)

Nickname: “Hobbs Squad”

6. Wellington Crusaders (LW: 7)

Nickname: “The Red Zone”

7. Kingman Eagles (LW: 3)

Nickname: “The Kingdom”

8. Rose Hill Rockets (LW: UR)

9. Andale Indians (LW: 8)

10. Cheney Cardinals (LW: 9)

11. Mulvane Wildcats (LW: 11)

Nickname: “The Rowdie Crowd”

12. El Dorado Wildcats (LW: 13)

13. Halstead Dragons (LW: 14)