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Bob Lutz: Friday musings

Camden Yards in Baltimore is the site of Game 1 of the American League Championship Series on Friday night between the Orioles and Kansas City Royals.
Camden Yards in Baltimore is the site of Game 1 of the American League Championship Series on Friday night between the Orioles and Kansas City Royals.

Good rainy Friday to one and all. Let’s get right to the musings, shall we?

▪ I’m really looking forward to tonight’s Game 1 (weather permitting) of the Orioles-Royals ALCS in Baltimore. This is a fascinating Royals team. Listen, I’ll always be a St. Louis Cardinals fan – it’s in my soul. But as a lover of baseball, I can appreciate the way Kansas City plays with a style centered around defense and speed. I’m picking Baltimore to win in six games because I think the Orioles have too much power in the lineup and too many power arms in the bullpen. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kansas City win. It should be a fascinating series.

▪ As for the Cardinals-Giants NLDS, I don’t want to make a prediction. I don’t want to even think about it. This is the fourth straight season for the Cardinals in the NLDS and either St. Louis or San Francisco have represented the National League in the World Series every year since 2009. That’s impressive. These are two even teams. It makes my head pound just writing about this.

▪ I’m starting to get asked about a potential Royals-Cardinals World Series a lot. Yes, it would be stressful. But it would also be great for baseball fans in the Midwest, am I right? Plus, if it happens, I’ll be covering a World Series for the first time. With no cheering in the press box, I might add. I think I can handle it.

▪ I’m not sure what Clint Bowen has to accomplish with KU football over the next six games to have a chance to be the Jayhawks’ next head coach, but whatever it is I hope it happens. I hope he does have a legitimate chance at keeping the job. Bowen is a KU football guy through and through. But so much is riding on this decision, to be made by Kansas athletic director Sheahon Zenger. If Zenger is intent on making a splash with this hire, Bowen probably doesn’t stand much of a chance. It’s a tough call, but Bowen is an intriguing candidate.

▪ I’m finding it almost impossible these days to find crowds in which I’m the youngest person.

▪ I’ll be 60 in a few months and I’m already trying to picture what that’s going to be like. I think back to my youth and my father turned 60 when I was just 16. I don’t recall feeling like he was that old at the time. I know I gave him many reasons to feel old. But he was a go-getter who was always doing something. Me? I like to nap.

▪ There’s no doubt I want to be doing something. Always. I look forward to being involved with League 42 for many more years. I still love writing, maybe even more than ever. I wouldn’t mind another radio gig someday. I love doing things with my wife and my family. We still go to movies and out to dinner. I’m not ready for the rest home yet.

▪ How did we get started on this age thing, anyhow?

▪ Texas-Oklahoma is barely on my radar for Saturday. The Longhorns are a long ways away. What is on my radar is TCU at Baylor. The Horned Frogs got everybody’s attention when they knocked off Oklahoma last week and Baylor is just a fun, good team. And those SEC battles Saturday between Auburn-Mississippi State and Ole Miss-Texas A&M are so interesting.

▪ If the college football playoffs started today, and going by the Associated Press rankings, the 1-4 matchup would be Florida State-Ole Miss with Auburn and Mississippi State in the 2-3 game. Using the coaches poll, Florida State would play Ole Miss in the 1-4 game while Auburn and Baylor would meet in the 2-3 matchup. The SEC is still pretty good, in case you haven’t noticed.

▪ What a privilege it was for me to interview former Olympic swimmer Jeff Farrell this week. Farrell, who attended East High, won two gold medals as a U.S. swimmer in the 1960 Rome Olympics after suffering an appendectomy six days before the Olympic Trials. He’s one of the best and most decorated athletes to come out of Wichita.

▪ We saw Gone Girl last weekend. It was really good, although maybe a tick below what I was expecting. Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck were good together. And keep an eye out for Carrie Coon, who played Affleck’s sister in the movie. I first noticed her in HBO’s The Leftovers and am predicting big things for her.

▪ Yes, I’m a bit of a frustrated movie critic. Problem is, I don’t think I could sit through every movie and write a review. There are just too many bad movies. Then again, I’ve sat through a lot of bad baseball, basketball and football games over the years and written about them. There’s probably not that big of a difference.

▪ I remember when the Eagle had a movie critic, Bob Curtright. I enjoyed talking to him about movies and was envious that he got to leave the office so often to go to see movies. That had to be a good gig.

▪ Here are some other old-time Eagle names. How many do you recognize? Frank Garofalo, Lew Townsend, Ted Blankenship, Kathleen Kelly, Dale Mullen, Merrill Cox.

▪ Four great ballparks will be on display during the ALCS and NLCS.

▪ I’m pretty excited about the upcoming Fleetwood Mac concern at Intrust Bank Arena on March 31. Oh wait, I’ll be 60 by then. Still, I’m going with bells on. I’ve never seen Fleetwood Mac in concern and it’s a big hole in my concert-going resume. Bob Seger is the other huge void and one I’d like to get taken care of. I’m a ‘70s guy, there’s just no getting around it.

▪ I may be 59, but I bought some hair gel after getting my hair cut Thursday afternoon. That’s pretty impressive.

▪ I like Spitz dill-pickle flavored sunflower seeds and noticed the other day that Spitz is headquartered in Bow Island, Alberta. I sure thought I was eating American sunflower seeds.

▪ Next on my television binge watching list are reruns of The Office. I miss Steve Carrell on that show.

▪ We were at a restaurant Thursday night that serves frog legs. I’m trying to think of what could make me eat frog legs.

▪ I’m looking forward to being in Kansas City early next week for Games 3, 4 and 5 (if necessary) of the ALCS. There’s no doubt in my mind, by the way, that Game 5 will be necessary.

▪ You know the drill. Have a great weekend and all that. Be good to one another.