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Bob Lutz: Friday musings

Friday is the day every other day wishes it could be. It makes me feel kind of bad for the other days.

* There was a football game on television last night, but I watched the St. Louis Cardinals beat the Milwaukee Brewers in a nearly four-hour marathon of twists and turns. And I’m talking about my stomach.

* I love football, I really do. But it’ll never be even close to baseball for me. And if that makes me a wuss in your eyes, then so be it. I do my fantasy league thing. I make a small wager with friends once in a while on football. The appeal of the game is obvious and the NFL is a marketing machine. Even people who don’t like football love it because in America, that’s what you do.

* But give me a pennant race any day.

* So, Royals and Chiefs fans. The Royals, who are smack dab in the thick of things in the American League Central, plays at New York this weekend against the Yankees. There’s a Sunday afternoon game that will go up against the season opener for the Chiefs. Will you watch the Royals or the Chiefs?

* My profound love of baseball can be traced to my father’s profound love of baseball. And fortunately my son has carried on that love, even if it is for the Cleveland Indians.

* I recently received a bunch of baseball cards in the mail from my sister-in-law and I had a blast going through them. It took me back to a simpler time and place. I wish, wish, wish I still had my baseball cards from the 1960s.

* Simpler time and place? Isn’t that just another way for saying to when I was young? Life is simple when we’re young, usually. Then our brains fully develop and we start to notice all the crazy stuff going on around us. There’s nothing worse than a brain that develops.

* The Cardinals suddenly got hot. The Brewers got cold. And now St. Louis is up four games in the National League Central. The wackiness of baseball has great appeal to me. Teams play almost every day, so there’s no time to panic or gloat. Fortunes change in an instant.

* Jon Jay and Peter Bourjos had about the best games as outfielders Thursday night that I’ve ever seen. Both made great catches, robbing the Brewers of multiple runs.

* Meanwhile, the Seattle Seahawks are still monsters. No surprise there, right? And Green Bay plays no defense. No surprise there, either.

* I like Cincinnati and Seattle in the Super Bowl, with the Seahawks winning again. Denver will win the AFC West, but the Broncos haven’t toughened up enough to match Seattle. Or Cincinnati, for that matter.

* The Chiefs are a 7-9 or 8-8 team. Why did this team stand pat offensively? Outside of Jamaal Charles, there’s no speed.

* I’m headed to Ames later today for tomorrow’s Kansas State-Iowa State game. I’m looking forward to it and expect the Wildcats to win by 10 points to two touchdowns. But the big news here is that I’m not going to see the Eagles in Des Moines on Saturday night, after the game. Instead, I want to get home for a League 42 hitting clinic Sunday.

* I first saw the Eagles in 1976 at Henry Levitt Arena, now Koch Arena. It was November and the band had just released the Hotel California album. I last saw the Eagles in 2013 at Intrust Bank Arena. It seems to me that seeing them for the first and last time in Wichita carries some meaning. Then again, it’s awfully tempting to go to the Wells Fargo Arena tomorrow night and see them for the 28th time.

* My five favorite Eagles shows: 5) The four times I’ve seen the band in Wichita; it’s impossible for me to distinguish although the first time seeing them with my wife, in 2010, would have to rank the highest); 4) United Center, Chicago, 2008; 3) Madison Square Garden, New York City, 2008; 2) RDS Arena, Dublin, Ireland, 2009; 1) Staples Center, Los Angeles, Dec. 31, 1999.

* I wouldn’t mind seeing the Eagles in Australia this winter. Just sayin’.

* I’m trying to decide if I want to see Cher and Pat Benatar at Intrust Bank Arena in November. So far, I haven’t pulled the trigger.

* It’s sad about Joan Rivers’ passing. She was one of the great comedians and so good on Hollywood Squares. Any of you remember that show? I’m talking about the Peter Marshall-hosted game show. It was so great and it was a star vehicle for the late, great Paul Lynde.

* Is anyone excited in the least by the prospects of Kansas football this season? I don’t know of anyone who expects anything better than 4-8. And that’s stretching it.

* Tyler Lockett had one catch for nine yards in Kansas State’s opener against Stephen F. Austin. He’ll have somewhere around 11 catches for 150 yards against Iowa State on Saturday.

* I’m looking forward to the fall movie season. Next week I’ll mention some of the flicks I’m most looking forward to.

* I just finished a column on East football coach Brian Byers, who in April lost his wife of 29 years, Deb. Those columns or stories are never easy, but I’ve found that, for the most part, talking about a deceased loved one can be therapeutic for people like Brian and his son, Matt, both of whom shared their feelings. I hope the best for East this season and especially for Brian and Matt.

* High school football season starts tonight at most places across Kansas. And it always goes so fast. In the blink of an eye, we’ll be talking about the playoffs and then the opening of high school basketball season. I need time to slow down just a little bit.

* Will I attend the Kansas State Fair this year? I ask because I don’t know. It’s always a spur of the moment thing when I go.

* Thanks for reading, everyone. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the cooler weather.