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Bob Lutz: Friday musings

Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin earned even more street cred Thursday after his Aggies thumped South Carolina in Columbia, S.C.
Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin earned even more street cred Thursday after his Aggies thumped South Carolina in Columbia, S.C.

By the time Friday rolls around, the musings are pouring out of me:

* Texas A&M wasn’t supposed to do that to South Carolina last night. The Aggies looked out of this world on offense. with sophomore Kenny Football – I mean Hill – passing for 511 yards and completing 44 of 60 attempts.

* Makes you wonder if we’re in for a season in which nobody plays defense. South Carolina was supposed to be - and I stress the words “supposed to be” – an elite SEC defense this season. But it looked like Steve Spurrier had forgotten to run his secondary through any drills. The Gamecocks were ripped apart, so much so that the game ultimately became uninteresting.

* I’m not a big fan of the high scores in college football. I like some semblance of defense. There is no joy in Columbia, S.C., today.

* Will A&M coach Kevin Sumlin be coaching the Dallas Cowboys next season? I’d say there’s a decent chance.

* Just got sidetracked by a video posted on Facebook of Don Henley appearing on Soul Train in 1985. If you know Henley like I know Henley – hey, I’ve been one of his biggest fans since the mid-1970s – you’ll find this video hilarious. I don’t mean to laugh at Henley, but his dance moves in All She Wants To Do Is Dance are somewhat lacking. But he’s trying and that’s what counts.

* The television show I think the most about is The Leftovers on HBO. And I’m not really sure why. It might be because it’s such a hard show to comprehend. I do know the acting is great and that I’m caught up in the story, based on Tom Perrotta’s book about the sudden disappearance of two percent of the world’s population. Kind of a downer, huh?

* I’m predicting Carrie Coon, who plays Nora Durst in the show, as a breakout star. I love trying to judge talent in all shapes and forms and I think she’s got it. This coming from someone highly adept in the art of acting, I must say.

* My wife and I also are really enjoying The Last Ship on TNT, a show now on hiatus until sometime in 2015. And I’m into The Strain, another really weird show on FX. I think we have The Walking Dead to thank for all the bleak material coming our way via television these days.

* Bruce Pearl is getting a lot of big-time basketball recruits to join him at Auburn. And I’m sure it’s all on the up and up.

* I watched ESPN’s showering report on St. Louis Rams rookie Michael Sam and openly gay defensive end Michael Sam and was embarrassed for journalism. The only way Sam’s showering habits are a story is if a bunch of his teammates start to talk about their discomfort. Or if Sam were to express concern of mistreatment. Neither of those things are happening, by all accounts. So for ESPN reporter Josina Anderson to talk about it was ridiculous.

* I hope Sam makes the Rams’ roster, but only if how he’s performed during camp and exhibition games warrants it.

* Love her or hate her, Joan Rivers is funny. And I wish her a speedy recovery.

* I’m worried about a tree in my back yard that appears to be unhealthy. Many of the leaves are brown or browning. I’m going to give it a pep talk later.

* I’m really looking forward to being in Ames, Iowa, next week for the Kansas State-Iowa State football game. It’ll be interesting to see what Mark Mangino can do with that Cyclones offense. You might remember what Mangino was able to do with the Kansas State, Oklahoma and Kansas offenses at one time.

* I do not have good vibes about the upcoming football season for the Kansas Jayhawks. I need somebody - anybody - to tell me why I should.

* I understand being skeptical about an increase in taxes. I really do. But Wichita has a pretty good track record of not going off all willy nilly with these things. And I think this proposed 1-cent sales tax increase, which will be on the November ballot, will be a really good thing. I like it when we take care of this city and do the things that needed to be done. Firming up water supply issues, fixing streets and helping with transportation might not be the most glitzy things we could do. But they’re probably the most needed. I trust that city officials will continue to beef up their case for this sales tax increase.

* Can anyone honestly say that the sales tax increases to build Intrust Bank Arena and improve Wichita’s public schools weren’t smashing hits? If you don’t think they were, you’re just so anti-tax that nothing will make you see another viewpoint. Pick and choose these tax increase initiatives carefully, for sure. I think we’ve done that.

* How many of you were thinking: “This guy needs to stick to sports” while you were reading those previous bullet points? Sorry, these are my Friday musings. I write what comes into my head. And my head does stray from sports from time to time.

* I like Denver and Seattle in a Super Bowl rematch. I’m probably not alone in that prognostication.

* Want a surprise NFL team? Tampa Bay.

* Give me Rihanna as the halftime performer in Super Bowl 2015. I love her voice.

* By the way, NFL, it’s a bad look for you to ask artists to pay you to perform at halftime of the Super Bowl, regardless of the exposure and boost in record sales that come about.

* Labor Day isn’t one of my favorite holidays. I’ve never understood why people get a day off on Labor Day. Shouldn’t we put in the best and hardest day of work of the year on Labor Day? Then maybe adopt Relaxation Day as a day to take off?

* I see Wichita State is getting into the mix for higher-profile basketball recruits. That’s what a Final Four followed by a 35-0 start will do.

* I look at everything going on at Wichita State – academically and athletically – and would say the university has never been in a better place. Except when I was going there. I’m sure the school was pretty proud of those years. And I do mean years. Many, many years.

* I was just OK academically. I like to tell people my grades lagged because I didn’t concentrate or work hard and that it had nothing to do with my level of intelligence. I wonder if they buy that?

* I still remember all of my teachers from elementary school. That seems pretty common, though. Do you remember yours? Mine were: Mrs. Bevan (Kindergarten); Mrs. Johnson (first grade); Mrs. Holmes (second grade); Mrs. Robinson (third grade and yes, I had a crush); Mrs. Seitz (fourth grade); Mrs. Barclay (fifth grade); Mrs. Hensley (sixth grade).

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful long weekend, if you’re so fortunate.