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Cookbooks half-price for sport show special

As well as show-casing the finalists for The Wichita Eagle’s 15th annual Great Outdoors Photo Contest, we will be selling our Taste of the Kansas Outdoors Cookbook for $10 at the Wichita Sport Show. That price is all-inclusive, compared to the standard rate of $19.95, plus tax. I’ll be there to sign the books, if requested. The Sport Show runs Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon.

Other updates

Voting for the photo contest will continue through about noon on Saturday, both at the Sport Show and our online Outdoors page.

CJ, the German shorthair that won the Best of Show title at the prestigious Westminster Dog Show this week has Kansas ties. Her grandmother, Carlee won the show in 2005. I did a story, back then, that Carlee was a hunting dog, as well as one of the most successful show dogs in America.

The warm weather has people fishing, though I’ve heard few reports of success. Goose hunters did fair to good last weekend, when the season closed. A few shed deer antlers have been found, but many bucks are still carrying antlers.

Be careful driving, especially at night. We’re getting into the skunk rut and the males are on the move. Hitting a skunk usually won’t tear up your vehicle, but it will leave you with a odoriferous reminder that often doesn’t fade for days.

Upcoming coverage

Sunday’s Outdoors page will have the three top finishers in both the adult and youth categories in the Great Outdoors Photo Contest. Captions should be placed with all of the finalists online by then, too.

Down the road I’m hoping to find a good spring snow goose hunt to cover, and possibly do a catfishing article at one of Kansas most overlooked reservoirs. Plans are still calling on sizable features on what Kansas offers for hiking, fishing, camping and floating, beginning in a few weeks.

Michael’s world

As far as goose seasons go, the one that ended Sunday was fair to good for me. You know, I didn’t shoot a limit of Canada geese, which is now six, for the first time in many years. I had some fun hunts, though, and think I only got blanked once.

Most years I’ve had great hunts in February, on geese riding a southward wind back to the north on migrations. That didn’t happen this year. Jake, Andy Fanter and I had a nice hunt Sunday morning, shooting eight, and saw quite a few birds. We ran into ice on one spot we wanted to hunt (thanks for being off about 15 degrees, Accuweather) and the wind died when most of the birds were flying, making the decoys look as lifeless as, well, decoys.

Jake made his best shot of the year, and I got enough breast meat off of some giant Canada geese to share some Friday-Sunday at the Sport Show.

The landowner where I often hunt called and said his pond has been packed with all species of geese since Tuesday. Looks like plenty of seed stock is heading north, at least.

A favored quote, of recent times.

It’s from Richard Meen, a psychiatrist/ judge of Best of Show event at the recent Westminster Dog Show, when asked if he’d ever treated any dogs.

“No, they’re perfect,” he said. “People are a mess.”

Pretty accurate, really.

Sorry for the short newsletter. I need to get out to the Sport Show.

If you get a chance, stop by the booth so you can vote on the photo contest and visit.


Michael Pearce