Tally of the toms

The combination of decent weather, great wild turkey populations and hard-working guides brought great success to hunters Friday and Saturday at the 30th annual Kansas Governor’s Turkey Hunt.

Out of the 70 adult hunters, 56 shot mature turkeys and one hunter checked a juvenile tom. Greg McKenzie, hunt scorer, said the 81-percent success rate was probably the highest recorded at the event. All six youth hunters scored on turkeys too.

Many youth and adult hunters also shot a second tom.

Each hunter’s first turkey was measured by McKenzie, using the typical scoring system of the National Wild Turkey Federation, which is weight + 2X beard length + 10X both spurs.

First place: Olathe hunter Joe Bisogno shot the champion bird, totaling 70 3/8. His Greenwood County bird weighed 23.8 pounds, had a 9 7/8-inch beard and spurs of 1 3/8 and 1 5/16. He was guided by Warren Rensner.

Second: Scoring 69 9/16, shot by Jason Vanderbrink, of Nixa, Mo. His Wabaunsee County tom weighed 24.70 pounds, with a 10 7/8 beard and spurs of 1 3/8 and  15/16. Lance Nolan was his guide.

Third: Scoring 69, shot by Steve Dozier, of Nashville, Tenn. The Greenwood County tom weighed 23.30, with a 9 3/4 beard and spurs of 1 5/16 and 1 5/16. He was guided Steve Dozier.

Fourth: Scoring 67 1/2, shot by wounded warrior participant Robert Watson of Rudyard, Mont. His tom from Lyon County weighed 21.63, with a 9 13/16 beard and spurs of 1 3/8 and 1 1/4. Robert Watson was his guide.

Fifth: Scoring 66 3/8, shot by Adrien Hansen of Cambridge, Md. His tom from Greenwood County weighed 22.16, with a 9 5/8 beard and spurs of 1 5/16 and 1 3/16. He was guided by Leonard Moore.