Outdoor report (Sept. 22)

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Fishing Report


Cheney: White bass/wiper good on points and underwater humps using shad-imitating lures and live shad; watch for them chasing shad near the surface. Crappie poor. Catfish fair on prepared baits or cut baits. Walleye fair on points, drop-offs or underwater humps using crankbaits; during the day try shallow flats 1 1/2-3 feet deep.

Council Grove: Saugeye fair using crankbaits on flats and deeper points. Wiper fair on crankbaits and large jig/swimbaits near windy rock banks and channel ledges. White bass fair on crankbaits, jigs and spinners near rock points and channel ledges. Crappie fair near brush and rock banks 10-20 feet deep on jigs-n-minnows. Catfish good drifting blood baits along windblown flats or in the river.

El Dorado: Crappie good using larger jigs in 8-11 feet deep water along the timbered creek channels. Wiper fait to good along ledges or old roads trolling crankbaits or casting plastics on windy points. White bass fair on windy points and shorelines casting small to mid-sized twister-tails, small crankbaits, spinners or trolling crankbaits. Catfish good in upper ends of the lake in 8-14 feet of water near channel ledges over chummed areas. Walleye fair trolling crankbaits on roads, humps and ledges.

Marion: Walleye good drifting jig-n-crawlers or trolling crankbaits along breaks and points. White bass/wipers fair to good along windy shorelines trolling crankbaits or jig-n-plastics. Catfish good using fresh cut bait and stinkbaits along windy shorelines or points; chummed areas producing nice fish. Crappie fair near brush or other vegetation 8-10 feet deep using jigs or minnows.


Cedar Bluff: White bass/wipers fair to good over drop-offs, points in 15-25 feet of water or around fish attractors trolling small crankbaits or drifting live sunfish or shad. Walleye slow. Crappie fair around the fish attractors using minnows, jigs and small slab spoons fished vertically.

Fall River: White bass good around brushpiles, channel breaks and rocky shorelines in Rock Ridge Cove, Gobblers Knob point and Brown’s Cove area using spinners or shad-imitation crankbaits. Catfish good on mud flats and windy shorelines using a worm, stinkbaits or shad sides. Crappie good using a jig or minnow around brushpiles, channel breaks and rocky shorelines in Rock Ridge Cove, Gobblers Knob point and Brown’s Cove area.

Glen Elder: Catfish fair to good drifting shrimp or stinkbaits over the flats between Granite Creek and the Cawker causeway or while chumming with soybeans or milo. Walleye fair in 3-8 feet of water in the Walnut Creek area or around the Cawker City causeway using jig-n-crawler or jig-n-leech rigs or trolling crankbaits on the main lake points in the state park. White bass/wipers good to excellent along the Cawker City causeway, the dam and river channels west of the causeway using slab spoons or live bait fished near the bottom. Crappie slow.

Kanopolis: White bass good using jigs and flashy lures on the river channel edges, rocky points and the dam. Wiper good off points and deeper flats near the river channel using live minnows and trolling soft baits. Walleye/saugeye fair to poor along wind blown points and sloping rock/gravel banks trolling crankbaits in early mornings and toward evening. Catfish good using small cutbait and worms in 4-18 feet of water in the afternoons/evenings or shallower at night. Crappie fair using small jigs or jigs-n-small live shiners in deeper structure.

Milford: Smallmouth bass good using topwaters, crankbaits and jigs near deep rocky points and bluffs. White bass/wipers fair along windy rocky banks, channel ledges and humps on jigs, spinners, spoons, live bait and crankbaits; topwater activity early and late. Walleye fair using worms, spoons and crankbaits near deep flats and points 20 feet deep. Catfish fair on fresh cut bait 20-40 feet deep near channel ledges along flats lakewide. Largemouth bass good on creek arm points and ledges using topwaters, crankbaits and jigs. Crappie fair using jigs and minnows suspended 10-20 feet deep near points and ledges.

Toronto: White bass good using shad imitation crankbaits or spinners around brushpiles, rocky shorelines and channel breaks at Toronto Point, entrance to Manns Cove, north side of Duck Island and Woodson Cove. Crappie good around brushpiles, rocky shorelines and channel breaks at Toronto Point, entrance to Manns Cove, north side of Duck Island and Woodson Cove using a jig or minnow. Catfish good on mudflats and windy shorelines using a worm, stinkbaits or shad sides.

Wilson: Stripers fair to good on deeper structure, drop-offs near the river channel and near the dam at 10-30 feet depths using live shiners, spinners or shad-imitation jerkbaits. Catfish good near the river channel and off points in water less than 8 feet towards sundown using cutbait, liver or worms. White bass fair around Minooka and rocky points using spinners or live shiners. Walleye fair on shallow flats, on shallow wind-blown points and rocky shorelines in 12 feet or less using jigs and spinners or using swimming jigs and spinners along shoreline vegetation. Crappie poor.

Waterfowl Report

2017 Teal Season

Daily bag limit 6; Possession limit 18

Low Plains (East of U.S. 283) Sept. 9-24

For waterfowl hunting on public lands in 2017, iSportsman (electronic daily hunt permit system) will be required of all hunters this fall; please set up an iSportsman account prior to your first hunting trip this season.

Cheyenne Bottoms WA: Total duck numbers 3,000-7,000, mostly blue-winged teal, mallard, wigeon and shoveler. Pools 1A is 23”, 1B and 1C are 24”, Pool 2 is 20”, Pools 3A is 13”, 3B is 14”, 4A is 14”, 4B is 15” and Pool 5 is dry. Hunting conditions are fair, similar to 2016. Success expected to be fair, similar to last year.

Isabel WA: Approximately 15 teal were observed. Main lake is approximately 75 percent full. The pool south of the main lake is full. West pool adjacent to Hwy. 42 has a small amount of water. Hunting conditions poor to fair. Hunting success expected to be poor.

Jamestown WA: Water levels are fair. Gun Club Marsh is kept dry due an enhancement project on Gamekeeper Marsh Approximately 300 teal present. Hunting conditions are good to excellent in off storage pools. Success expected to be poor until cooler weather arrives.

Marais des Cygnes: Fair teal numbers observed. Harvest was 2.1 teal per hunter last weekend. Adequate water in all pools. Habitat conditions are good except in Unit G which will remain high. Success expected to be poor to fair.

McPherson Valley Wetlands: Approximately 125 teal on the area. Pools 4, 7,& 8 in Big Basin have water in them. Chain of Lakes is 99 percent dry. Little Sinkhole Unit has huntable water in 50 percent of wetlands. Hunting conditions are fair, with some good areas of moist soil vegetation. Hunting success expected to be poor to fair until additional rains.

Neosho WA: Approximately 500 teal present. Fair water available in Pools 1, 2A, 4A & 4B for teal season. Hunting conditions are excellent. Success expected to be poor to fair.

Slate Creek Wetlands: Approximately 20 teal on the area. Pools 5 & 6 are dry, the rest have some water present. Hunting conditions are poor. Hunting success expected to be poor.