Wichita B-52s

B-52s will honor legends against Dallas

The B-52s play their final home game of the season on Sunday at 3 p.m. against the Dallas Sidekicks. The Indoor Soccer Hall of Fame will hold a ceremony during the game honoring former Wichita Wings star Kim Roentved. Former Wings coach Roy Turner is scheduled to participate in the ceremony.

ISHOF Executive Director Sydney Nusinov will be at Hartman Arena in Park City to honor the inductees. Dallas will induct two of its own on Feb. 16 when Tatu and Gordon Jago will be honored.

"The Indoor Soccer Hall of Fame has made great inroads this year thanks to the support of our committee members and the cooperation of several teams," Nusinov said in a written statement. "People are realizing how important it is to keep our legendary players involved in the sport and how important this historical link to the past is.”