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Thursday’s NBC World Series report

Friday’s schedule

Seattle beat Santa Barbara 7-0 in Thursday’s late game, so there will be one game Friday at 7 p.m. between Haysville and Liberal.

The Studs advanced to Saturday’s championship game.

Run-rule removed

When the Haysville Aviators had a 10-run lead over the Valley Center Diamond Dawgs after the seventh inning, there was an expectation the game was over.

But there was no run-rule in effect.

The reason, according to NBC general manager Kevin Jenks, is consistency.

Wednesday night’s game with Seattle and Valley Center was considered a winners bracket final, so there was no run-rule.

“It doesn’t make much sense that on a Wednesday night we have the run-rule not in effect, and on the next night (in the quarterfinals), it’s a more important game, that we then take it away,” Jenks said. “… We want to be consistent with it.”

Hall of fame connection

Chris Hmielewski spent Thursday touring Eck Stadium with Wichita State baseball coach Todd Butler.

Thursday night Hmielewski, who played at Kansas State, was inducted into the NBC hall of fame due to his stellar showing in 1991 when he hit eight home runs, had 25 RBIs and 42 total bases while with the Kenai (Alaska) Peninsula Oilers. Kenai finished second in the NBC that season.

Butler was Hmielewski’s hitting coach in 1991.

“He had a lot of energy and passion for hitting,” Hmielewski said of Butler. “I think one of the great things about Todd was he always wanted to share it and help our hitters get better.”

Hmielewski signed with the Montreal Expos out of the NBC and spent six years with the organization, topping out at Double-A.

“Not only did (Butler) help me that summer, but I think for the rest of my career, he probably impacted me in a really positive way,” Hmielewski said.

“He took a chance on myself and some other hitters.… He asked, ‘Do you want to do this? You’re either all in or not.’ I tend to be a student of the game, so I took advantage of it, and it worked.”

Haysville 14, Valley Center 3

The Haysville Aviators knocked out the Valley Center Diamond Dawgs. Valley Center finished fifth.

Haysville took control in the second inning when Steve Coe’s one-out double scored Dan Stoltzfus, Jake Lamoreux and Cody Duplechin.

Coe and Gavin Gregory each scored on errors in the next two at-bats. Casey Maack, who reached on an error, scored on Tyler Tokunaga’s single. In all there were five hits, two errors, six runs — all with one out.

Valley Center notched a run in each of the next two innings, but the Dawgs gave up 15 hits and had seven hits.





14 15 1

Valley Center




3 7 3

Haysville batting — Maack 0-4, Harris 0-1, Tokunaga 2-3, Holst 1-5, Serchay 0-1, Wasinger 0-4, Stoltzfus 3-5, Karbowski 0-1, Lamoreux 3-5, Duplechin 1-4, Coe 4-4, Daniel 1-1, Gregory 0-4.

Valley Center batting — Gowing 0-4, Gates 1-2, Devore 0-1, Whisler 2-4, DeVinny 0-3, Quinn 1-2, Harris 0-4, Marshall 0-1, Douglass 0-2, Fischer 0-1, Flax 1-2, Doughenour 0-0, Couch 0-2, Salas 2-4.

Haysville pitching — Marchessault 2 IP-1 ER, Spongberg 2-0, Harris 3-0, Wilkins 1-1, Connor 1-0.

Valley Center pitching — Danczyk 4 2/3-5, Rasure 2-3, Ebert 0-1, Heuermann 1 1/3-1, McDonald 1-0.

Wednesday’s late game

Haysville 4, St. Joseph 3 — Haysville trailed 3-0 after three innings but settled in over the next six with pitcher Cody Selig.

With Haysville trailing 3-2 in the bottom of the ninth, the Aviators opened the inning with a walk issued to Jake Lamoreux— just one gift Haysville received.

Steve Coe followed Lamoreux by reaching on an error, then Gavin Gregory drew a walk. Casey Maack got the only hit of the inning, scoring Adam Bauer, who was pinch-running for Coe.

With the score tied, Tyler Tokunaga reached on a walk. Gregory scored the game-winner when Dan Holst was safe on a fielder’s choice.

St. Joseph




3 9 2





4 6 1

St. Joseph batting — Fisher 4-5, Richardson 0-3, Hill 0-3, Scott 1-5, Cassidy 0-3, Maselli 0-4, Alvaraez 2-3, Houston 1-4, Schunurbusch 1-4.

Haysville batting — Maack 1-5, Tokunaga 1-4, Holst 1-3, Wasinger 0-4, Stoltzfus 0-3, Karbowski 1-4, Duplechin 1-2, Lamoreux 0-0, Coe 0-0, Gregory 1-3.

St. Joseph pitching — Kinney 5 IP, 2 ER; Kolons 3-0, Aspergren 1/3-0.

Haysville pitching — Graham 2-2, Selig 6-0, Beattie 1-0.