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Tuesday’s NBC World Series report

NBC volunteer Eric Shannon takes donations as he hands out baseball cards of Kaiser Carlile on Tuesday at Lawrence-Dumont Stadium.
NBC volunteer Eric Shannon takes donations as he hands out baseball cards of Kaiser Carlile on Tuesday at Lawrence-Dumont Stadium. The Wichita Eagle

Wednesday’s schedule

San Diego vs. El Dorado, 5 p.m.

Seattle vs. Santa Barbara-Valley Center winner, 7:30 p.m.

Haysville vs. St. Joseph, 10 p.m.

Remembering Kaiser

A baseball player knows he has attained a certain status when he sees himself printed on a trading card.

On Tuesday evening Kaiser Carlile became a baseball player.

The staff at the National Baseball Congress collected donations from fans attending Tuesday’s games and passed out baseball cards of the 9-year-old Liberal Bee Jays bat boy who died on Sunday after suffering head injuries sustained the day before when he was accidentally struck in the head by a practice swing.

“We are blessed with some great partners and some great supporters,” said Kevin Jenks, the general manager of the NBC World Series. “We didn’t have a lot of time to work with, but our community totally pulled together and wanted to do something for a family and a team that is going through a lot of grief right now.”

The cards resembled that of an official trading card with Carlile retrieving a bat on the front and a list of hobbies (video games, bicycling, and playing on the trampoline), his school, favorite color, and goals on the back.

Jenks said he had a couple thousand cards printed and had passed out nearly a third of them by the time the Bee Jays’ game concluded with another game to go Tuesday night.

It was also too early to estimate how much money the cards generated in donations for the Carlile family, but Eric Shannon, who volunteered to hand out the cards at the gates, said he was shocked by the sheer volume of businesses that came solely to donate their money.

“It was just unbelievable to see them walk up and donate money,” Shannon said. “Everybody just wanted to help out and find a way to contribute. It’s affected the whole Wichita community and it was really cool to see everyone come together.”

The cards even caught the eye of the Santa Barbara (Calif.) Foresters, who came to the stadium to watch the game before they played late Tuesday. Many players donated to the cause, including left-handed pitcher Elliot Surrey.

“You just try to find a way, even if it’s one dollar or fifty cents, just any way you can to find a way to show that you care,” Surrey said. “Every team has a bat boy, so you get pretty connected. To see him on that card was so cool, it’s like a little treasure to remember him by.”

Along with passing out the cards, the scoreboard marquee and videoboard both displayed “KC” during Liberal’s game, and a banner with a heart-shaped baseball with “KC” in the middle was hung during the second inning of the game and will remain in Lawrence-Dumont Stadium in honor of Carlile.

Kaiser Carlile would have loved it all, Liberal general manager Mike Carlile said, but most of all seeing himself on an official baseball card.

“Oh man, if he could see himself on that…,” Mike Carlile said. “He would be on cloud nine for the rest of his life.”

Monday’s late game

San Diego Waves 5, Wellington Heat 3 — Wellington’s Anthony Caenepael came on to strike out seven and pitch 7 1/3 scoreless innings in relief.

But it wasn’t enough for the Heat, who were eliminated after stranding nine base runners and failing to capitalize on multi-hit performances from Kyle Lacy and Austin Orth.

San Diego




5 5 1





3 8 3

W — Kraft. L — Bridges. S — Esquibel.

San Diego batting: Torres-Torioka 2-5, McWilliam 0-5, Garcia 1-3, Podratz 1-4, Barraza 1-3, Bumann 0-3, Varga 0-1, Jacobson 0-2, Holler 0-1, Carswell 0-2, Johnson 0-4.

Wellington batting: Lacy 2-5, Leal 1-3, Krajnak 0-5, Heck 1-4, Connolly 1-3, Rader 0-2, Mauseth 0-3, Orth 2-4, Den Beste 1-3.

San Diego pitching: Trimble 3 1/3 IP-3. Kraft 4 1/3-0. Esquibel 1 1/3-0.

Wellington pitching: Bridges 1 1/3 IP-4. Caenepael 7 1/3-0. Drummond 0 1/3-0.