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Chiefs receiver Demarcus Robinson takes a different kind of flight: with Blue Angels

When Demarcus Robinson was presented with the opportunity to ride along with the famed Blue Angels, he didn’t have to think twice.

“Automatic yes,” the Chiefs wide receiver said Friday morning after completing an hour-long flight with the elite Navy demonstration squad at the Wheeler Downtown Airport.

Because Robinson loves rollercoasters and isn’t afraid of heights, the decision to fly 15,000 feet in the air at speeds of up to 700 mph was an easy one. It also gave him a chance to have a little fun before training camp later this month.

“Just to get your mind off of things and just sit back and kind of relax and get out and do some things that are fun and not all about business sometimes,” Robinson said, describing the benefit of doing events like ridealong. “Sometimes it’s good to get out and fly planes, I guess.”

Before he took off with Lieutenant Cary Rickoff, Robinson went through a 30-minute crash course in learning the mechanics of the plane and how to deal with the rapidly changing G-forces. He learned breathing techniques — called a Hick maneuver — that would keep him from passing out when the G-forces get really high.

After the course, Robinson got strapped into the back seat of the two-seater plane and took off down the runway. Initially, the plane hovered low, flying parallel with the ground under the gray, rainy skies. As soon as he reached the end of the pavement, Rickoff pulled the sticks straight back and accelerated into the clouds at a 45-degree angle.

Once airborne, Robinson’s pre-flight learning came in handy.

“I was doing it when I don’t think I even had to do it,” Robinson said of the Hick maneuver breathing. “I was doing everything to try and stay awake and not pass out.”

Not only did Robinson not pass out, he also didn’t throw up during the ride.

He did, however, get a good workout without having to go to the gym.

“You have to strain your legs a little when you’re going through the Gs and your G level is raising, as they call it in the plane,” Robinson said. “You have to tighten your core and put some pressure on your core. Your legs and your hammies will be a little tight after.”

With training camp less than three weeks away, Robinson’s offseason is rapidly coming to a close. He’s already working out with quarterback Patrick Mahomes, including a session that also included Gehrig Dieter on Thursday. And, Robinson said, Mahomes looks pretty good.

“Everything is even better,” he said. “Even smarter, even quicker, even more precise.”

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