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Goddard juniors Kendall, Kameron Frame want Class 5A team and individual wrestling titles

Goddard wrestlers Kameron Frame, left, and Kendall Frame.
Goddard wrestlers Kameron Frame, left, and Kendall Frame. The Wichita Eagle

Mark Frame posed the question to his sons each fall: “Do you want to try wrestling this year?”

It was a careful question, designed to not push. Yet it was packed with hope that this time one of them would say yes.

The “yes” came nine years ago.

“He asked again if we wanted to wrestle, and I said, ‘Quit asking already, quit asking already. Dad, quit asking and just sign us up,’ ” said Kendall, now a Goddard junior at 152 pounds.

Kendall and his twin, Kameron (145 pounds), will try to win their second straight Class 5A team and individual titles at the state tournament on Friday and Saturday at Hartman Arena.

31-5Kameron Frame’s record

33-2Kendall Frame’s record

Mark’s eagerness for his sons to try wrestling was driven by his own love of the sport, as well as a desire to create what he believed would be an unbreakable bond between the brothers and with himself.

The twins, along with their older brother, Christian, fell hard for the sport and developed that bond Mark wanted.

“They all will sit and watch videos of college wrestlers and try to watch the different moves and study them,” their mom, Patty said. “They’ll watch their own matches and figure out what they did wrong, what they could have done better.”

Kameron, who won at 138 last season, is 31-5, while Kendall, who won at 145, is 33-2.

They’re hard workers, and they’re confident in their abilities.

Goddard coach Brett Means

“Wrestling isn’t a very popular sport, but the people who are in it, they live and die in it,” Mark said. “Knowing the boys have this bond with me, it’s always going to be there. I’ll always have that father-son bond with all three of my sons.”

Kameron and Kendall, who are fraternal twins and share a room, are usually together — unless they’re with their girlfriends.

If they’re all home, it’s a good bet they’re wrestling on the mat in the basement with Christian, who is three years older.

Kameron and Kendall Frame are fraternal twins. Kameron is more laid back, while Kendall has an in-your-face attitude.

The twins’ wrestling style is as individual as their personalities.

“I remember thinking, ‘I don’t know if this will be Kameron’s sport,’ ” Patty said. “I didn’t know if he had the right personality for it. He was more the talker, making sure you’re OK.”

But Kameron’s laid-back attitude, as well as his finesse and focus on technique, has served him well.

“(Kameron’s) real slick and funky, probably one of the slickest guys in the room,” Kendall said.

It’s a direct contrast to Kendall’s personality and wrestling style.

“Kendall’s more of an in-your-face, try to hammer you, really physical type of wrestler,” Goddard coach Brett Means said. “They complement each other. They drill a lot together, practice a lot together.”

When the twins were young, Mark kept them in different weights.

“We didn’t let them compete against each other,” he said. “We avoided that. We never wanted one to have that situation (of losing).”

138Weight Kameron won 5A title at in 2015

145Weight Kendall won 5A title at in 2015

There’s an Internet video of young twin boys after a wrestling match — the brother who lost punched the brother who won.

Kameron and Kendall laughed as they recalled watching the video and thinking about if that had been them.

“He’s the one punching me,” Kameron said.

“When we were little,” Kendall said. “It got bad sometimes. I was way worse when I was little.”

“My mom really hates it,” Kameron said.

“My dad? ‘If it happens, it happens,” Kendall said.

“(He’d say), ‘They’re brothers,’ ” Kameron said.

The twins’ talent started to show while they were in middle school.

“Even as seventh-graders, in the summer, they’d come to our workouts and lift weights with us,” Means said. “They never missed. Christian was wrestling for us, and they were pretty dedicated. That’s what I liked about them. They’re hard workers, and they’re confident in their abilities.”

12Number of Goddard wrestlers that qualified for 5A tournament

4Wins needed for an individual title

They have a natural talent, but as Means discussed their progression, he noted their desire to improve.

“They’re always on their phones watching YouTube videos of the Olympic champs,” Means said. “… I’ve always tried to tell kids, ‘You can learn so much just by watching.’

“The biggest thing I’ve seen them progress in is as students of the sport. They study it.”

It helps that the Goddard practice room is loaded with talented wrestlers — 12 qualified for the 5A tournament. The Frames also get practice time with their bigger teammates, such as Troy Fisher (160) and Austin Andres (170), who also won regional titles last week.

“They really force you to set up your shots,” Kendall said. “… It makes me focus on technique because I can’t go in there and be stupid.”

As individual as wrestling is, Kameron and Kendall want another team title more than individual victories.

“If everything plays out as a team, we want to break Goddard’s record, which is seven in the finals and five winning,” Kendall said.

“That’s our goal.”

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