Fred VanVleet fan joins Wichita State’s ‘Hey, ho, here we go’ post-game celebration

Anthony Seipts, 13, joined Wichita State’s locker-room celebration on Sunday at Indiana State. He is from Rockford, Ill., and, of course, a Shockers fan because of Fred VanVleet, his cousin.

Anthony, according to his father, has a rare genetic disorder called Cornelia de Lange Syndrome.

“From the day he got to meet Fred he’s absolutely adored him,” Kevin Hueston wrote in an e-mail. “He always asks if Fred is going to be at family functions and when he is, it’s always a huge deal because Fred always takes time to spend with Anthony and we hear about it for weeks after. He doesn’t really understand that Fred and the rest of the team are famous. To him, he’s just Fred, so it’s neat to see the interaction. Can’t thank these guys enough for letting Anthony into their world.”