Corner Three: Q&A with Bob Hull of radio and TV fame

Bob Hull started work as color analyst on Wichita State radio broadcasts in 2007, handling road games while Dave Dahl did the home games. Hull, a former assistant at Illinois and Wichita State, added TV duties on women’s games and occasional men’s games. This season, he will handle the color duties for Cox 22 on all home games.

Q: What is the difference between doing color on radio and doing color on TV?

The timing is different. In radio, because the listener can’t see the action, the play by play is the dominant position and they have to describe everything. The color guy jumps in and does quick analysis and has to jump back out. On television, you don’t have to explain everything. The play by play has less impact than the color analyst. The color analyst talks more and has more time to analyze the game as it’s happening, because you don’t have to explain who’s passing the ball to who and where the ball is coming up the court, because the viewer can see it. It’s in and out quicker and more succinct in radio. In television, I have to slow down and not be in such a hurry and take my time and realize I can talk over the action. You can expand your analysis a lot more.

Q: How has WSU guard Ron Baker improved his game from his sophomore season?

He’s driving more effectively this year. I think he was trying to drive last year, but I’m not sure he always had an idea exactly how it was going to end up. Now he drives with a lot of confidence and he knows he’s going to finish at the basket or with a mid-range shot. He’s got such a variety of those shots, obviously he’s been working on that. You see him being so much more difficult to cover now because he can do so much more.

Q: How will Evan Wessel’s absence, because of an ankle injury, hurt the Shockers?

It will be the little things you don’t see. It’s going to be, maybe, a screen that’s not going to get set. He always boxes his man out. His man never gets the rebound. Loose balls, obviously, when there’s a loose ball on the floor, Wessel seems to always be the guy on top of it first. And when he goes for it, he gets. Defense. He can guard a point guard, a (shooting) guard, a small forward and even some (power forwards).